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Highway 96, Siskiyou County
The idea to create the State of Jefferson was first introduced in 1941 and is still talked about.


Fire Brigade: Wild Horses And Their Value Proposition
Preparedness & Survival
by Capt. William E. Simpson, JUNE 25, 2017

When I see wild horses locked-out of nature in holding corrals, I see a huge resource being wasted by ignorance. It's akin to putting an entire fire department in jail during fire season! If they're not wanted on cattle-ranch lands that's fine, but there are places where there is no competition issues with cattle, where these horses can serve a...
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A new law allowing the salvage of roadkilled deer and elk will not take effect until Jan. 1, 2019 at the latest. Salvaging roadkilled deer and elk remains unlawful until new rules are adopted to implement the new statute. The Legislature gave the Department up to two years to develop a safe, responsible salvage program. Until that time, current Oregon wildlife regulations remain...
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Time to troll the Rogue Bay
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, JUNE 24, 2017

Rogue River

Sweltering hot inland temperatures are expected to raise the temperature of the lower Rogue River to 70-plus degrees.  On Thursday, the water temperature at Elephant Rock was already close to 70 degrees. Salmon won't cross this wall of uncomfortably-warm water, which pushes them back downriver to the bay where the corpulent kings find their ideal comfort zone of 52 to 54...
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Bill Croyle, DWR Acting Director, Retires
by Department of Water Resources, JUNE 24, 2017

The California Department of Water Resources Acting Director William R. Croyle yesterday announced his retirement, effective July 1, 2017. Croyle put his original retirement plans on hold in January 2017 when he was asked by Governor Edmund G Brown Jr. to serve as Acting Director of the department. Cindy Messer, DWR Chief Deputy Director, will serve as Acting Director of the...
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On June 21, the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) voted unanimously to reduce sage-grouse hunting permits to zero for the 2017 season. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) recommended this action to the Commission based on spring lek (breeding ground) surveys that showed significantly fewer sage-grouse in all four hunting zones. Although managed hunting, in and of itself,...
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Reflections of burns past
by Gary Heffley, JUNE 22, 2017

The current HOT weather is no joke. Everyone should be limiting exposure and activity as heat related stroke and illnesses are a real danger. Most everyone is knowledgeable about using sunscreen, apply liberally and often. And while most people wear hats and sunglasses for head, facial and eye protection, many forget about the ears. Make sure to lather the lotion...
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