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CDFW July 2018 Recreation Calendar
by CDFW, JUNE 26, 2018

Various Days — Bat Talk and Walk at Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. Various times, 45211 County Road 32 B, Davis (95618). Each year, from June through September, the Yolo Basin Foundation offers “Bat Talk and Walk” tours. The tour begins with a 45-minute indoor presentation on bat natural history, after which attendees are shuttled to the outdoor viewing area to...
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Those who fished for salmon decades ago often lament the bygone “good old days” of abundant, large fish. As it turns out, there is some truth to this sentiment. Negative trends in salmon sizes have been noted as early as the 1930s (as cited in Ricker 1980), prompting long-standing concerns about the consequences of losing the oldest, largest individuals in a...
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Springers and Derby
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, JUNE 25, 2018

Trinity River

Sorry about last week, but I took the day off for Father’s Day and spent it with family. I have received many calls about what is happening with the fishing. To start off, we are now into full summer weather with temperatures in the 90s and up to 104 degrees. You can imagine what that is doing to the water; yep...
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 Ah, summer has arrived in the Golden State and it’s getting hot outside, which means more people will be visiting public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management for recreational opportunities like fishing, swimming, camping, rockhounding, backpacking, hiking, boating and off-highway vehicle use.  In California, the BLM oversees 15 million acres of public lands that support the agency’s multiple use...
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A Plethora of Oceanic Delights - Oregon KMZ Rated Slow to Fair
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, JUNE 23, 2018

Port of Brookings Harbor

Last week, seas as flat as a sheet of liquid mercury beckoned salty dogs to trip the bottom-grabber fantastic, and as an added bonus, a few large Pacific halibut were caught as well. The newly refurbished Port of Brookings Harbor fish cleaning facility saw a plethora of fish species meeting the sharpened ends of fillet knives. As far as the Sebastes genus...
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The whole family is welcome at an upcoming Running Wild 5K walk/run on Saturday, June 30 from 9 a.m. - noon  at E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area near Corvallis. Participants can try several different outdoor skills at stations along the trail including: trap shooting with a shotgun; archery at the E.E. Wilson Archery Range; fly casting and aquatic education; identifying wildlife tracks, bird identification with Salem Audubon...
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