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Kids age 17 and under are invited to learn to fish at a Kids Fishing Event on Tuesday, July 10 from 9 a.m.-noon at Shevlin Park Pond in Bend. ODFW staff and volunteers will be on hand to loan out rods, reels and tackle and show new anglers how to rig their line, land a fish and identify their catch. Younger children who...
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Mystery Tag Washed Ashore
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, JULY 5, 2018

Question: My Boy Scout troop was recently hiking at Pirate’s Cove in the Marin Headlands, and we found this tag washed ashore. We packed it out, but we’re still wondering what it is. Do we need to return it to the department, or report that we found it? (Hunter Pinkstaff, Boy Scout Troop 227) Answer: What you’ve found is a buoy tag issued...
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Salmon Are Booming in Oregon’s Rogue River. Dam Removal May Be Why.
by Matt Wieser, JULY 4, 2018
Rogue River - Middle

AFTER CHASING SALMON along the southern Oregon coast for 48 years, commercial fisher Duncan MacLean has developed a strong sense of who’s who at the end of his hook. This year, he says, most of the Chinook salmon he’s catching are likely from the Rogue River, where the state of Oregon and conservation groups have worked for years on one of...
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His car was only about one year old and he inquired about repainting it. I had never seen a vehicle so dull.  The paint had absolutely no gloss, in fact it was uniformly flat over the entire vehicle.  I asked the usual questions. Do you wash it regularly?  Yes. Have you ever waxed it?  Yes, seven times since I got it, he...
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Crab Wars: The Invasive European Green Crab
by FISHBIO, JULY 3, 2018
San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay is considered the most invaded estuary in the world, in part due to its heavy ship traffic that transports species from other places. One unassuming but costly invader that has hitchhiked into San Francisco Bay is the European green crab (Carcinus maenas). Considered one of the world’s worst invasive species, these crabs feed voraciously on native invertebrates such as young...
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Bucktails and Striper Tales
Jerry Back
by Jerry Back, JULY 3, 2018

San Mateo Coastline

I had fished the same stretch of beach twice already over the past six days and yet I return a third time.  I’m not at Ocean Beach, my usual haunt, but 5-10 miles south, somewhere along the San Mateo County coastline. Dozens of boats are being regularly seen offshore around here--most, if not all, are trying to catch salmon (zoom...
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