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On July 6 the State Water Resources Control Board announced water diversions from Central Valley rivers will need to be reduced in order to save the Bay-Delta from ecological collapse.  This announcement has sobering consequences for future large water diversion projects.  Among these, the twin Delta tunnels and any expensive above ground reservoir projects that would rely on new diversions.   The...
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The North American Non-Lead Partnership — formed late last year by the Oregon Zoo, The Peregrine Fund and the Institute for Wildlife Studies — seeks to expand the coalition of hunters, anglers and other conservationists dedicated to improving ecosystem and wildlife health by choosing non-lead options.  “This is a long-term, multi-organization effort to help North America’s wildlife,” said Leland Brown, the...
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Catastrophic Klamathon Wildfire - Report from the Camp Creek Fire Line (Radio interview link below)
Preparedness & Survival
by Capt. William E. Simpson, JULY 9, 2018

[Photos and story by William E. Simpson II, on-scene at the Camp Creek fire line (Union and Branch IV Divisions) of the Klamathon Wildfire.] [Radio Interview with Lars Larson and William E. Simpson https://soundcloud.com/larslarsonnorthwestpodcast/lars-larson-northwest-podcast-07-10-18] On the morning of July 7th I happened to meet a team of fire commanders on the Branch IV Division of the Klamathon Catastrophic Wildfire. They were studying...
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How Much Water Do Coho Salmon Need? Researchers Find Surprising Answer
by Alastair Bland, JULY 9, 2018
Russian River - East Branch

In California’s small coastal streams, where hundreds of thousands of Coho salmon once returned each year to spawn, most wild populations now barely cling to survival. Habitat loss and intensive water use have pushed them to the brink; now climate change and increasing competition for water resources could send them over the edge. However, recent research offers some encouraging findings –...
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Will the Trinity Turn into the Eel?
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, JULY 8, 2018

Trinity River

I have been harping about the formation of moss and algae on the Trinity for years (about 10 to 15yrs) and the California Fish and Wildlife have done very little to find a solution. This is a down right shame. The moss forms from the nutrients in the water. The moss needs Nitrogen - Phosphorus & Potassium to grow. (Where does...
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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is currently seeking applicants for its Natural Resource Volunteer Program (NRVP) in the Redding area. Motivated individuals able to convey conservation principles to the public are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be confident and capable of speaking with the public both one-on-one and in group settings. They must also be able to work...
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