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A Sacramento County man entered a no contest plea Tuesday to charges of poaching a huge blacktail deer in Sacramento County. John Frederick Kautz, 51, of Lodi, was charged with possession of an illegally poached deer and falsification of deer tag reporting information, both misdemeanors, following a three-month investigation. Kautz illegally killed the trophy-sized buck on private property in Wilton in December 2016,...
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The winter holidays are a great time for families and individuals to enjoy recreational trout fishing, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) trout hatcheries plan to provide plenty of opportunities for anglers of all ages over the next two weeks. Specific plants of catchable trout are scheduled at 79 waters in 25 counties between now and Jan. 5. CDFW trout...
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December Rains Usher in First Runs of Chetco Steelhead
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, DECEMBER 23, 2017

Chetco River

I always tell anglers that the first rains around the Christmas holiday signals the first major runs of winter steelhead to head up the Chetco River.  But low, gin-clear water conditions have been the plague of Oregon south coast rivers this year.  I was beginning to worry that the old Christmas adage was not going to come true this year. Not...
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The Director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has announced a final 15-day delay for the northern California commercial Dungeness crab season. Crab condition improved from the last round of pre-season quality testing conducted on Dec. 19. However, crab had not reached the minimum meat recovery criteria as established by the Tri-State Dungeness Crab Committee testing protocol. The...
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The commercial Dungeness crab fishery will open on most of Oregon’s coast on Jan. 15, 2018. Dungeness crab will be ready to be harvested from Cape Blanco to the Columbia River, and north into Washington. While the commercial season can open as early as Dec. 1, the opening can be delayed to ensure a high quality product for consumers by allowing crabs...
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Is it Safe to Eat Crab on Christmas Eve?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, DECEMBER 21, 2017

Question: My family has for many years eaten fresh Dungeness Crab on Christmas Eve.  We haven’t for a few years but would like to resume for this upcoming Christmas Eve. We have some doubts about eating it and were wondering if you could supply some information that would help the doubters feel comfortable eating crab again this year. (The Healy Family) Answer: The...
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