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Tule Lake NWR, Modoc County
Healthy sandhill cranes have nothing to fear from coyotes when they can simply jump into the sky.


Variety of saltwater options on tap
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, AUGUST 2, 2018

Humboldt Bay

Salmon, rockfish, Pacific halibut, and California halibut in the bay – a plethora of options are here for the taking for North Coast saltwater fishermen. After a two-week closure, the Pacific halibut season opened back up on Wednesday. Prior to the closure, the halibut action was wide-open, and the fleet left them biting. Conditions weren’t quite as good for Wednesday’s...
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Carr Fire... How to help
by Gary Heffley, AUGUST 1, 2018

The upheaval and devastation for North State residents and families has been dramatic and total for many, as the Carr Fire continues to take its toll in Northern California. Many families still do not know if they have homes to return to. The firestorm was so unmercifully fast that many evacuees got out with literally the clothes on their backs....
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Fall salmon seasons kick off Aug. 1 with mixed forecasts
by ODFW, JULY 31, 2018
Columbia River

Fall salmon seasons on the Columbia River open on Wednesday, Aug. 1 with modest forecasts and a few new regulations. The popular Buoy 10 fishery will lead off Columbia River fall fisheries with effort and catch in other sections of the mainstem building over time.  A total of 375,500 adult Chinook are expected to enter the Columbia this fall, which is about 80...
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CDFW August 2018 Recreation Calendar
by CDFW, JULY 31, 2018

Various Days — Bat Talk and Walk at Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. Various times, 45211 County Road 32 B, Davis (95618). Each year, from June through September, the Yolo Basin Foundation offers “Bat Talk and Walk” tours. The tour begins with a 45-minute indoor presentation on bat natural history, after which attendees are shuttled to the outdoor viewing area to...
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They’ve spread across the globe wreaking havoc through the destruction of levees, drainages, and thousands of acres of marshland. It might sound like the work of aliens from a science-fiction movie, but actually hordes of whiskered rodents are to blame. Nutria, swamp rat, and coypu are all common names for these beaver-like animals (Myocastor coypus), which are known for their...
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ODFW is seeking applicants for the North Willamette territory of the Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program (STEP) Advisory Committee. Interested individuals should apply by Aug.24, 2018. For application materials, visit the “How to Apply” section. Oregonians that are involved with local fishing or STEP groups, have previous experience working with volunteers and/or in community service, or are involved in natural resource...
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