Eagle Lake Fishing Report

by Valerie Aubrey

Nice thick fish! Tamara Spurgeon-Powell. We're staying high in the water column. Upper 10ft. Working shallows early & the first ledge on the west side as the sun hits the water. Several lures are working. Orange trolling flies, red/gold Thomas buoyant, small minnow imitations (live minnows not allowed) rainbow trout, gold/orange. Depends on the sky color that day. Vary your speed. We often see faster trolling speeds at these water temps. This can change daily by sky conditions & location. Different lures & baits have different action at different speeds. For example night crawlers are better trolled slow mimicking a leech while rapala's, trolling flies & speedy shiners work best faster. Tip of the day: don't meet in the middle for speed. If trolling slow, run things that run slower if you have several rods in the water. If trolling fast, run faster lures. We've been running 2-2.8mph on average.