Eagle Lake Update

by Valerie Aubrey

3-14-23. Got to the marina to check out the ramp. We're working our way up on the 3rd cement panel now at the low water ramp (for next season). We've had 0.36" of rain since 5:30ish this morning (2:42posting)). A drizzle but steady one. This is just from our local storms this winter. A head start so to speak before spring run off. High temps today 37-41. Low temp was 34F at the house. Pine Creek & Merrill not flowing yet. Hopefully we'll start seeing some activity in the coming weeks. North basins are starting to show some color to the ice. Christie to circus grounds area still has ice. One layer is white out a few hundred feet, the next area has more color across the bay but wasn't open water yet. Looking like water starts around Wildcat pt area and stretch's up from perhaps lake of the woods across the pond to just north of Eagle’s Nest with some uneven edges. That's about all I could see from where I was. It's pretty sloppy today. So we are getting some rain, it's just not exactly dumping on us. We are happy with what we're getting.