We have been working for them this week!

by Valerie Aubrey

Cold mornings leading to beautiful days. We have been working for them this week! East side still a bit more active than the west side but we'll see some changes pretty soon. Still catching a few trolling at 17-20ft. I'm getting lucky here and there at 4-14. Water temp 45F. Shore fishing has been spotty too. Might see some wind this weekend but next week still looking good for nice days...might see some pond fog unless we see a light breeze overnight! Ramp is still functioning, albeit. 14-15" over the top of the shoal to the end of the dock. Don't recommend it but most boats are getting in. A1 is icy as always down the grade. 139 & A1 north have been dry & in good shape. NOTE: road signs will be turned if it closes.