Eagle Lake Fishing Report

by Valerie Aubrey

Still doing the same thing. Ran some shallows this morning as well as 10-30ft of water. Toplines early on orange, brown & olive trolling flies. Leadcores at 2 -3 colors IN the water later AM with spoons & flickershads. Water temps 72-70 from surface to 40ft. 65.6F at 45ft. Significant drop of 4.4F from before Labor Day at that level (and a few trout have been caught that deep). But there's not real change between 45ft at 65.6F and 80ft at 65.1F. DO good to 25/30ft (as per DFW) & slowly drops rather than going to zero. This is why the trout are scattered in the water column. Visibility was good at 9-10ft in the depths. 2.6-3lb bag & no complaints. We've mostly been working the first & second ledges on the west side. There's some surface weeds. Chubs are walled up & stacked pretty thick over the depths. Red gold Thomas buoyant, 6-8ft dive 4M size rainbow trout flickershad (tapers off but in the right moments it's been good for half the boat limit) gold & copper 1/6 Thomas buoyant. The boat hasn't caught a chub in weeks running these depths. Running various speeds, depths & never in a straight line. But 1.7-1.9mph for Thomas buoyant has caught more fish over the years than I can count. Ramp still functioning but getting more difficult to load due to the angle. Broke my whinch strap today but tied it together & loaded up.