Eagle Lake Fishing Report

by Valerie Aubrey

We scouted quite a bit of water this morning in the south basin. Fish were sporadic but still on orange trolling flies or grubs & my lucky gold/red Thomas Buoyant & red dot frog speedy shiner. Mostly the fish came around 7ft today. One at 17ft but we had quite a few nudges at that depth & line rubs, but the activity range was still 6-7ft. I tried to stay out in safer water for the average anglers to be safe rather than dancing with the rock piles in the wind. Topline and leads at 2 colors to the reel still catching…20-43ft of water today. Some days they’ve hit just about anything while other days they are a bit more particular. Today…speed trolling was the key for us…2.8-3.2 mph…fastest fish was at 3.8mph. Fast trolling water at 55F-56F over the depths….which was warmer than our high temperature so far today!