Eagle Lake Fishing Report

by Valerie Aubrey

I’m still waiting on my truck & my mobile welder for my A1 wrecked road boat trailer. My buddy Mike Gregory gave me the helm of his awesome boat today for fishing this morning! Later start than normal for me but we had lines in by 7 we did go a while without a lot happening but we did boat 5 outta 6 needed. We played on the west side & stayed in 38-45ft of water 4colors 18lb leadcore in the water 18-20/22ft deep at 2-2.4mph. Fire Tiger little Cleo has actually caught 50% of our fish the last 10days or so. Lol. () Tasmanian devils, gold/red, & various lures working. Water column temp tests mid week indicate that the 9F thermocline we saw almost 2 weeks ago on the west at 25-30ft has risen to 20-25ft and 4F change. 2F more degrees by 35ft. So it’s broadening…we’ll see what happens but my guess is it’s going to washout. Trout are already on the seam for us. Much deeper & it’s chubville. No doubt we worked a few hours for them, we did ok. Still filled a gallon bag of fillets!! Fun day with Mike Deb Gregory& Mark!