Lake Sabrina Weekly Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lake Sabrina

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

A few more days of Winter – but all’s good as we picked up a few more inches of snow in the back country – it just blew by us at the Lake – 5 days of snow blowing thru. The colder temps put a bit of a halt to the run-off and the filling of the Lake.

No stocking as of yet – DFW had us on the stocking schedule for last week, but alas, not a truck showed up. We’re sure hoping for one this week. Plans are in the works for a stocking from Oregon and then Idaho. So, stay tuned.

We had a few fish come out of the Lake over the week. Lee Patterson and Steve Muhlettaler both brought in limits using NightCrawlers. Mike and Hunter (4 years old) along with Yaddell braved the weather and caught dinner using NightCrawlers. GrandParents Steve & Lisa Rohletter are passing the fine art of fishing and catching to their granddaughter Isabel Shaw (7 years old). They were using Red and Gold Thomas Buoyants and Mini-jigs and brought home just enough for dinner.

Those that were catch fish were using the old standbys – NightCrawlers, Mini Jigs, PowerBait, MiceTails and the Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant.

North Lake is open and has become a dry camp – no potable water. Willow Campground will open Tuesday, but Sabrina Camp has a few issues with a main water line that needs to be replaced – may be a couple of weeks, but don’t hold me to that. Remember Bishop Park and The Forks have switched over to 100% reservation thru Four Jeffery, also, has reservable campsites and first-come-first-serve spots. The lower part of Intake 2 campground is open as first-come-first-serve and BitterBrush and Big Trees are first-come-first-serve. Just an FYI – the bears are waking up and there’s a BIG one roaming thru Aspendell knocking over the big green trash bins and prying the lids open – please store your food properly and DON’T feed the bears or the deer.

Currently, private boats can launch from dirt. No parking down in the Lake bottom.

Mule Days week and weekend – hard to believe it here already. Check out the schedule and the Covid protocols here: Mule Days

Eastern Sierra Transit’s Bishop Creek Shuttle will be running this season. $5.00 per trip. Twice daily roundtrip service from Bishop to the Bishop Creek Recreation Area. This route will run Saturday, June 12, 2021 and will operate seven days per week through September 6, 2021. The route will provide service from Bishop to the Bishop Creek Recreation Area with scheduled stops at South Lake and Lake Sabrina. The route will also provide intermediate stops at all locations where it is safe for the bus to stop. Expected intermediate stops include, but are not limited to, South Fork Bishop Creek Lodge, Parcher’s Resort, Aspendell, intersection of CA-168 and North Lake Road, intersection of CA-168 and Buttermilk Road as well as Starlite Road, and Forest Service campgrounds along the route.

We had a search and rescue at Blue Lake this past week. Search and Rescue along with two very good Samaritans got person needing to be rescued to a spot where the Search and Rescue helicopter could set down and bring her out. Watching it thru the telescope – it was an amazing bit of flying as we did have a bit of a stiff breeze. All is good with her – thank you to them!

Temps look to be on the rise, but with a bit of a breeze in on Tuesday. May need some raingear going into Sunday. You can check the forecast yourself at – enter Aspendell, CA and scroll down a bit for the temps and forecast up our way.