Collins Lake Fishing Report

Martin & June O’Looney reeled in a 6lb trout + 4 others by the dam using Powerbait.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Collins Lake

by Collins Lake Staff

We’re well into 2021 and still looking for winter rains to fill the lake. The Surface temperature is flirting with 50F and the current lake level is 39ft from full, which is lower than normal. We still need a lot of rain to get filled up before summer but the light flows have also kept the water fairly clear.

Into the first half of February we continued to see quite a bit of activity down by the dam with PowerBait and as long as the lake remains low and cool that trend is likely to continue.

With our campground seeing more traffic because of the often sunny skies short storms and warm-for-February weather we’ve decided to start our spring trout planting earlier than normal. We received our first plant of 2021 this week and we’ll continue weekly planting including both private plants and DFW trucks.

Most trout are being caught in the top 15 feet, which is typical for this time of year. We have seen an occasional catfish including some monsters but both cats and bass are infrequent enough to call slow. There are also not a lot of folks fishing for bass this time of year- it’s a wholly different challenge than catching a lunker trout or a planter but if you have a boat try the inlet after a quick storm.

Lots of times the daily forecast says rain but if you look at the hourly the chance of rain is low or often just in the morning or evening. My advise? If the sun is going to peak out check the wind forecast, and if it’s as calm as it has been (<5mph) come cast a line!

Here are some highlights from the beginning of this year before we got our first trout plant for 2021: