Whole Deck of Good Kokanee

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tight Lines Guide Service

by James Netzel

Boca provided a whole deck of gooder kokanee today. Even with an emergency pit stop at the restroom in the thick fog, we managed to stay on em. ********Monday August 31 *******. is my only open date this kokanee season till next year.
Side note. There are a few real good places to launch from the east side. Be courteous and pull away from the shoreline to allow others to use it. Parking just out of the water so that you are the only 1 that can use it is a #%^* move. Today’s clients asked if they could move the trailer for me but I chose to be nice. Would have been funny though.

If you would like to go fishing with Tight Lines Guide Service please give them a call at (888) 975-0990. Be sure to tell him the NCFR sent you. If you would like more information please check out the Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Website.