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Sunrises & Sunsets

Watching the Sun
This seal was enjoying sundown on the beach at the North Jetty entrance to Humboldt Bay. Eureka, California  Tyler Whiteside, Nikon D3100
Sunset in the marsh
Last day of duck season 2015 Gray Lodge  Craig McBride
Sunrise Swans
Sutter, California  Angie Webb
Sunset on the lake
Black Butte Lake  Debra Eddy, United States
Sunset at Shasta Lake with Low Water
November 8, 2014 checking out the low water level at Shasta Lake at sunset. Shasta Lake  Michael Mogler
Super Moon
Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk
Beautiful morning in Walnut Grove (salmon fishing).
Walnut Grove, California,  Victor Perez
Sunset on the Pacific
Southern Oregon Coastline,  Valerie Ellis, Nikon P100
Oroville Wildlife Rec area
Oroville, California,  Karen Smith
Dusk at Shasta Lake, Dec. 2011
Shasta Lake, California,  Mike Mitchell, Canon 40 D
Seagull At Sunset, Clearlake CA
Clearlake, California,  Mike Mitchell, Canon 40 D
The end of a day's hunt
CA. D-5 Zone,  Lucas Gastello, Nikon
Sunset at Crescent City
Crescent City, California,  Foster Brovan, Canon 40D
Sacramento Sunrise
Sacramento River, Teasdale, California  Ed Keen, Kodak Z1012IS
Sunset over Tahoe
Lake Tahoe, California  Debra Eddy, Canon Rebel
Salmon by Sunset
Sacramento River,  Debra Eddy, Canon Rebel
Sunset over Humboldt Bay
King Salmon, California  James Barnwell , Cannon Rebel T3i DSLR w/ 55-250 IS lense
Sunrise over Lake California
Lake California  Frank Benz, Canon Instant
Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge  Dawn Justice, Nikon D200
Shasta Lake Sunrise
Shasta Lake, California  Ken Lavender, Kodak Easy Share
Surprise Valley Sunrise
Winje's Farm, Surprise Valley, California  Jan Winje
Shopping in Lakeview
Lakeview, Oregon  Jan Winje , Pentax X90 Point and Shoot
Nighttime Fly Out
Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge  Dawn Justice, Nikon D200
Eagle Point Sunset
Eagle Point, Oregon  Michael Carhart, Sony Alpha350
Ward Cove Sunset
Ward Cove, Ketchikan, Alaska  Michael Carhart, Minolta DiMage7
Anaehoomalu Bay Sunset
Anaehoomalu Bay, Big Island, Hawaii  Michael Carhart, Minolta DiMage7
SUP Sunset
Woodley Island Marina, Eureka, California  Tim Haywood
Morning Burst
Willits, California  Colleen Pappadakis, Verizon phone
Sunset at Lake Almanor during Chips Fire
Lake Almanor  Amy Jones
Sac River Sunrise!!
Chico, California  Amy Jones
Hat Creek Blaze
Hat Creek, California  Lorrie Haley, Panasonic Lumix
Burney Mountain Daybreak
Hat Creek, California  Steve Breth, Canon 7D
My Mom is the Greatest! Dove Hunting - Northern California
Arbuckle, California  Lila Burns
Sunset at Kidd Lake
Kidd Lake, Royal Gorge CA  Lisa Bloom, Olympus Stylus 7040
Adin Sunset
Northeastern California   Terri Antonucci, Cannon Sure Shot
My Outdoor Buddy
Clear Creek Sports Club (Corning, CA)  Dave Anaya, Iphone5
Sunrise Palo Cedro
Palo Cedro, California  Laura Mecham, Kodak Z710
Sunset over Truckee
Truckee, California  Laura Mecham, Kodak Z710
Humboldt Sunset in Carlotta
Carlotta, California  Bob OHearn, Kodak LS 443
Light on the Ridge
Manzanita Ridge, Junction City  Bruce Heitman
Orland, California  Daniel Zoll
Pretty as a Picture
Mazarlan, Mexico  JACK HERINGER, Nikon
Maybe This Morning
Grizzly Bay, Pittsburg, California   Jack Heringer, Nikon
Evening on Humboldt Bay
Arcata Marsh  Derek Wilhite, Nikon cool pix
Fall Chinook on the Middle Rogue
Grants Pass, Oregon  Marty Updike
Rainbow at Lake Oroville
Lake Oroville, CA  Karen Smith
Oroville Wildlife
Oroville CA  Karen Smith, iPhone 4S
Crater Lake Sunrise
South Rim Crater Lake  Grover, Panasonic G-1
Butte Creek Sunset
Butte Creek  Rich Radigonda, Canon D50
Mexican Sunset!
Puerto Vallarta,Mexico 2011  Lucas Gastello, Nikon Coolpix L110
Glorious morning
Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk
Powerful Sunset
Southbound I-5 looking West from the Auction Yard in Cottonwood.  David Garman, Nikkon D7000 38 mm
Hawk's View of a Sunset
Cottonwood CA  Tim Garman, Nikkon D7000 38 mm
Western Sky
Cottonwood, California  Tim Garman, Nikon D7000 38 mm
Cottonwood Sunset
Cottonwood, California  Tim Garman, Nikon D7000 38 mm
Beautiful Sky
Hwy. 299, 20 miles East of Redding, California  Tim Garman, Nikkon D7000 38 mm
Shasta Sunset
South end of Lake Shasta, California  David Crosby, Minolta Dimage A2
Sutter Buttes Sunset from Big Bend Road
Near Lincoln, California  David Crosby, Minolta Dimage A2
Half Dome Sunset
Yosemite  David Crosby, Canon 5D Mark II
Winter Oaks in Sunset, Camp Far West
Wheatland, CA  David Crosby, Minolta Dimage A2
Twin Oak Sunset, Camp Far West
Wheatland, CA  David Crosby, Minolta Dimge A2
Camp Far West Sunset
Wheatland, CA  David Crosby, Minolta Dimage A2
Big Valley Sunset over Mt Lassen
North Lassen County  April Cox, Nikon COOLPIX S4300v1.0
February Sunrise
Southeast Adin, Ca (Lassen County)  April Cox, Nikon COOLPIX S4300v1.0
Camel Rock Silhouette
Camel Rock, Houda Point, Trinidad CA  Sharon Myers, HP R967
Camel Rock at Sunset
Houda Point, Trinidad, CA  Sharon Myers, HP R967
Stream Emptying to the Sea
Trinidad State Beach, California  Sharon Myers, HP R967
Sunset Brilliance
Wilton, CA  Lorna Kay , Fuji Finepix
Orange Sunset
Wilton, California  Lorna Kay , Fuji Finepix
Perfect Sunset
Rancho Cordova, CA  Lorna Kay , Fuji Finepix
Sunset on the Rogue River
Rogue River, Oregon Denman WA  Teri Selbicky, Canon Power Shot SD 4000
Sunrise on the Rogue River
The Rogue River, Oregon  Teri Selbicky, Canon Power Shot SD4000 IS
Sunrise on the Rogue River
Rogue River, Oregon  Neil Selbicky, Canon Power Shot SD4000
Sunset Reflection at Grizzly Island - Suisun, CA
Grizzly Island, Suisun, CA  Diane Grimmeison, iPhone
Mono Lake sunrise
West Shore of Mono Lake  Ross Taylor, Canon Powershot
Full Moon over Mt. Shasta Sunrise
Adin, California  April Cox, Nikon COOLPIX S4300
Sunrise over Mt. Shasta
Adin, California  April Cox, Nikon COOLPIX S4300
Middle Rogue Sunrise
Hells Canyon on the Rogue River  Pete Updike
Breaking Light
Red Mountain Park, Mesa, Arizona  Kristin Jaskowiak, Canon PowerShot A3300 IS
Sage Grouse Sunset
Southern Oregon  Duane Dungannon, Canon EOS Rebel
Lost Creek Lake, OR  Duane Dungannon, Canon EOS Rebel
Gold Lake Sunrise
Lakes Basin area of Northern California  Sherri Meyer Photography, Nikon D300
Blue Lake Sunset
Lassen County, Northeastern California   Sherri Meyer Photography, Nikon D300
Lake Winnipesakee. New Hampshire
Lake Winnipesakee  Jenna Hovey
Fourmile Sunset
Fourmile Lake  Tyler Dungannon, Canon EOS Rebel
Eureka Boardwalk
Eureka Boardwalk, Jason Haley, Sunrise - Sunset Photo Contest, MyOutdoorBuddy.com
Eureka, California  Jason Haley, Panasonic Lumix Model DMC-TM
First Band at Sunrise
D 10  Jack Emanuel, i phone
Sunrise over Duck Blind
Richvale   Kevin Emanuel, i Phone
Halloween Sunrise
Lassen County  Emily Jennings
Sunrise over the Sutter Buttes
Colusa County  Dan Ryan
Humboldt Coast Sunset
Looking West from Fickle Hill  Colin Goetz, Canon Powershot 790
Early Morning on the Sacramento River
Hamilton City, California  Netta Ehrk, Canon ESs Rebel t2i
Sacramento River Morning
Hamilton City, California  Netta Ehrk, Canon ESs Rebel t2i
Early Morning Bite on the Sacramento River
Hamilton City  Netta Ehrk, Canon ESs Rebel t2i
Scramento River Beauty
Hamilton City, California  Netta Ehrk, Canon ESs Rebel t2i
Skiers Cove Sunset
Thermalito Afterbay, Larkin Rd. Butte County  Craig Bentley
Feather River Sunset
Oroville Wildlife Area  Craig Bentley
Sunrise Surprise Part 2
Pacific Ocean North of Trinidad  James Buddell, Canon elf 630
Sunrise Surprise Part 1
Pacific Ocean North of Trinidad  James Buddell, Canon elf 630
Twilight on the Fall
Fall River, California  James Buddell, Canon ELF 630
Sunset over South Shore
Lake Tahoe  James Buddell, Canon elf 630
Fall Colors at Ahjumawi
Ahjumawi State Park   Koen Breedveld , Pentax Optio W60
Black Rock Beach
Nikon P500 Curry County, Oregon  Jamison Lowe, Canon
Eureka Boardwalk
Eureka, California  Jason Haley, Panasonic Lumix Model DMC-TM
Sunset Ablaze
Abert Rim, Lake County, Oregon --  Larry Arbanas, Canon T2i and a Canon 100-400mm lens from a Vinten tripod

Favorite Fishing Photos

New Year's Day Chromer
David Humphrey
It's not over yet
I heard a guy say it was about over for salmon fishing on the Sac as I set the hook and boasted "Fish on". The Fall season may be winding down, but the BIG ones are just showing up. You know, the one that takes both hands for the picture. All it took was some k15's and a bag of sardines from Sportsmans Warehouse and it was "BIG FISH ON". So don't give up yet The biggest and meanest are coming to battle the best. I will see you thereLori Bell
Big Limit
The fish are hungry, what a great day on the water. Thanks Hartman Outdoors and Lip Ripper Spinnerbaits.Craig McBride
Delta Still Producing

Plenty of fish still biting, water temp is good and a lot of fish filling up on bait getting ready for winter.Eric Miller
Lunker Lake Trout
10 lbs, WOW!!!! Great fish LarryLarry Teague
Clear Lake
Fishing was tough, but Lip Ripper Baits helped put this 4 lb largemouth in the boat. Hartman Outdoors and Lip Ripper Baits made this a great trip.Jack Hartman
Oroville Catfish!
Caught this 11.5 pound catfish at Lake oroville. Fishing from shore using chicken liver. Savannah Horn
Caught at Grimes Boat Landing 9-12-15
I think Mary pretty much out did her husband Paul. Her fish is posted also. Check it out!Lois Lane
First catch of the season! Pretty Imprressive! 9-12-15
2nd Time Around
I just had to go back for this 41 incher The wife and I bagged five salmon in the boat this trip. I now have Rogue on the brain and am contemplating one more round :) :)Lori Bell
Going Rogue
Fishing on the Rogue River was so amazing, 4 in the boat, that we have to go do it again. Won't miss the heat and smoke but will be back on the Sac by Tues. Life is good and Sportsmans warehouse has what it takes to boat one of these monsters.Lori Bell
Waiting for blast off
Recently attended the Snag Proof Open frog tournament on Bethel as an observer. Doesn't seem possible that the pre blast off affair is anything but chaos, but it isn't. Spotted but one "oops".Gerry Madrid
31 Tunas
Still Biting

This fishing has slowed down a little, but some fish can still be caught first and last light. Lip Ripper Spinner Baits and Jigs did the job today. Some blow ups on top water but not many.Angie Webb
Redtail Surfperch
9 keeper size Redtail Surfperch. Caught on "sand spit" near the Port of Gold Beach Airport and South GB jetty. Early spring through the fall there can be easily caught on light gear (trout-steelhead), throwing lures is a great way to get the kids interested. I was (and have been since), using Kastmaster 3/4oz Silver, but have had luck on many other jigs, grubs, Gulp! products, etc. Good luck and Tight Lines! Byron Hamlin
Collapsible crab pot specially designed for kayaks!
It can be folded up like an umbrella and ideal for crabbing from kayaks! Expanded size: 70cm x 70cm x 32cm (LxWxH)Hing
Luvin' Soft Baits
The most important lure you own is confidence. Never much fished the soft baits until recently. Successes are improving dramatically until where now I start with it. This spotted bass confirms that confidence.Ron
Another Afterbay keeper
WOW!!! The top water bite is hot, Wopper Plopper and frogs. Also followed up by a Lip Ripper spinner bait.Joe Heape
1966-Klamath River mouth ("Suicide Row") copyrighted: ViP-Visual Impact Photography
Historic 1966 Photo. Hundreds of dedicated Salmon Fishermen converge at the mouth of the coastal Klamath River in Northern California. Known as "Suicide Row", because bank fishermen used 3-6oz. sinkers to cast anchovies and lures into the river channel, where "Thick" boat anglers trolled bait and lures. Boat anglers wore "Hard Hats" to survive "Flying Lead" ! Named "Suicide Row" ! Many fights occured ! Kent Brown
Drifting The Klamath River
Kent Brown and client. This image was taken August 1980 when Salmon & Steelhead were abundant.Kent
Afterbay still HOT!!!!

Another great fish on Fathers Day, Thanks Hartman Outdoors and Lip Ripper spinner baits. She was released to be caught again.Joe Heape
HOT for 2015
Hot for 2015, Lip Ripper Baits. These have been putting fish in the boat all year long. I got mine at Hartman_Outdoors in Yuba City. Craig McBride
Big Fish
Lip Ripper spinnerbaits do it again, Hartman Outdoors, call for your orders. As you can see they really work. 530-845-7074Craig McBride
Alodaia Largemouth
This particular pond is overrun with underwater weeds, thus this occurs frequently. My attempt to weigh a bass with grass included fell on deaf ears with my partner. Whatcha gonna do with an angler who has such a limited scope of understanding?????Tom Hargis
Gray Lodge Lunker

Not bad for a pond fishAngie Webb
Black Butte Crappie
The Crappie are where ya find them......LOLAngie Webb
Lip Ripper spinner bait...Hartman Outdoors
Fishing is tough, a lot of wind but use it to your advantage.Craig McBride
Lip Ripper spinner bait...Hartman Outdoors
The fishing is really good right now, fish seem to be up close to cover but hitting hard.Angie Webb
8.8 Pound German Brown
On May 4th while trolling Lake Siskiyou with my son Nicholas and daughter adaleana we caught this 8.8 pound trout. Nicholas Stanley
Colusa Striper April 11th
We fished Colusa on April 11th and 12th. For the two days we hooked 52 Stripers on live bait. Lonnie Dollarhide
Finding peace with the Caldwell closure
I left yesterday to get some last minute fishing in on the 5.5 mile stretch and find peace. It was outstanding, as always. I was sure to be saddened by the end of the day, but I was ready.----I thought! My plan was to fish till dusk and I came prepared.----I thought! It was only about 2 o'clock and I had another big fish on, the biggest of the day so far. Then it hit me, it's an incidental. Yep its a winter run salmon that is so imperiled for so many reasons. Lets not get started on that. I cut my line at once and it was free to spawn. I found My Peace with the closing with my incidental that are few and far between. But that didn't matter, I was it's greatest threat to spawn. I felt bad to disturb this great asset. They need all the help they can get. Goodbye Caldwell till Aug 1.Lori Bell
Sac. Bow
3 lb. rainbow w/light fly rod from float tube. Black wooly bugger.Don Webster
Spring on the river
It makes not a wit of difference what the species happens to be, this is just too much fun. Am just a few weeks away from the first trip of the Spring. Tight Lines everyone !!!Gerry Madrid
Old Man and the Sea (S.J. Delta)
Don Webster
Delta Stripers
Nice Lineside taken with dropshot live minnowDon Webster
Another notch for the pole handle
Fishing in the middle of Redding is awesome. Thank you Sportsmans warehouse and MyOutdoorBuddy.com for all the info to a great memory.Tjbell11
Get the Net!!!
And Bill is trying to get just the right angle to capture Tom's American Shad. Is this fun, or what? These hard fighting battlers on a fly rod test both skill and endurance. They'll be here in 4-5 weeks. Can't wait.Gerry Madrid
It's Shad Time
We're less than a month away from the annual shad run. This typical hen was caught on a 7 wt fly rod with a secret fly. Note the level-wind outfit...also working the current for stripers with a fish trap.Bill Adelman
Catch fish, Catfish.
Mitchelyn Clark
A Fishing Plus
A brief respite from shad fishing while enjoying this pair of geese escorting their brood across the river. The adults kept their goslings well in a huddle, herding them every time they made a turn. This is but one of the pluses when angling.Gerry Madrid
Perch Fishing
The boys that'll " do anything for fishing" spending a little time on the water for perch.Jake Luna
33-inch Smith River Steelie
Very nice native Smith River Steelie caught early morning 2/11/15 plunking with the wife. She caught a beautiful 18" sea-run Cutthroat minutes later.Lori Bell
Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Winter time bass fishingSteve
First Salmon Catch on The Feather River
First Salmon Catch on The Feather RiverKaren Smith
Mission accomplished
4th different salmon from 4th diff river all in the month of sept sept 2 Klamath sept 8,9 The great Sac River sept 27 The Trinity sept 30th The feather finalelori bell
Steelhead on the Sacramento River
KK Reel Magic
Closing Day Salmon Season Eureka
Last day of 2014 salmon fishing on board REEL STEEL with limits of quality King Salmon.Lonnie Dollarhide
Fall fish 2014
Fall fishing is hot in the ocean, and the Umpqua River is picking up as well.Travis Marsh
T-40x Salmon killer!
The Feather is finally picking up!! Thinking it had to do with the full moon last week! Blue Foxes at the outlet an beading anywhere below the outlet! Okuma On Coming Down!Mark Godfrey
Shasta Salmon
One of seven salmon caught in early july 40-80 feet on sling blade and wiggle hoochie anchovie scent.Denise Douglas
Summer Steelhead in the Afterbay, Oroville, CAKaren Smith
Bros at Grandma & Grandpa's Bass Pond
Doesn't get any better than this!Russ Raburn
A Good Day Fishing
I caught these nice trout at my favorite spot on Ash Creek each fish was over 3lbs.April Cox
Personal Best Trout, 5 lbs. 2 oz. Memorial Day 2014Joe Smith
Fishing Trinity Lake
Nice Smallmouth 4lbs. 1oz all fish were released. Steve Ray
Fishing Trinity Lake
Nice Largemouth 4lbs.. 1 oz. All fish were released. Steve Ray
Redband Rainbows
A wonderful day spent trout fishing with Nate Sesler of Tablerock Outfitters,...Hunting, Fishing, Waterfowl; come see me Scott Crosby at Sportsman's Warehouse/Medford in the Fishing Department for more info. Nelson Gibson
Salvelinus fontinalis (Brook Trout)
14-inch Brookie from Hat Creek, these beautiful trout make a lovely addition to the fishery, and there are much larger specimens lurking beneath the log jams and undercuts.Don Webster
Striper: 50 Inches Long, 55 Pounds

Caught in Sacramento River in 5/24/14 around 11:30 p.m.Alejandro Pina
Trinity Lake Smallmouths
Smallmouths are a lot of fun to catch.Steve Ray
Trinity Lake Smallmouths
Fishing with Steve on Trinity LakeSteve Ray
Eureka Salmon
Jason Webster
Rainbow Fat on the Lower Sac
Matt T.of Modesto and me with a 27-inch rainbow caught in Mid-april on the Lower Sac. It looked like a steelhead but I had a fish biologist look at it. He said it was a rainbow. I thought it looked like it had not been to the ocean. It was 16-inches in girth so my guess was 7 to 9 lbs. We had been pulling tiny Hot Shots near the Sundial Bridge. The weather was perfect. Fish with me at Sweet-Trinity.comTravis Michel
Pretty Lil Brown
Don Webster
Big Bow
Don Webster
Limits of Pacific Halibut on board Reel Steel, May 2
First halibut of the season, Reel Steel Charters.Captain Tim Klassen
Pretty Little Sunfish
Took picture and released it.Crowman
Lake Siskiyou
Caryn Bell
Lake Siskiyou Trout
Lake Siskiyou produced some very nice brown and rainbow trout this weekend (4-19-14) as well as smallmouth bass. Very beautiful and quiet lake, well worth the drive.Brian Vitale
Cedar's first Copper Rockfish
Tom Marking
9 lb. Nancy
Top water frog action...Leon Stamps
Fly Rod Striper
Fishing guide Mike Costello and a client catch and release a nice striper caught on a streamer fly.Don Webster
McCloud Trout
Don Webster
Shasta Spot
Don Webster
Whopper Bass
Jacob Wilson, 9 lb Largemouth Bass
Jacob Wilson took this 9 lb largemouth on a live minnow. "He came out of the water two times, and I almost had a heart attack when I saw how big he was, Wilson said. Jacob Wilson
Lake Almanor Brown
Lake Almanor Brown by Dustin M.
Mike M
Once in a Lifetime
Redding, California shows again it's in the run for the very best fishing anywhere in the world. Thanks Sportsman's Warehouse for all the gear and helpful advice. Couldn't have done it without you. Lori Bell
Here is yet another pic of the famous Caldwell Park Troutzilla. His nose was bit off by a notorious salmon shark but still escaped certain death. There are only a few pics of him since He is an expert at throwing hooks right back at you. Keep a look out for this 27" Bully and beware: He bitesDan Bell
Autumn Still Water
Duane Dotts hooks into a Lake Davis rainbow trout in ankle deep water during a guided trip with me in November of 2012.Jon Baiocchi
Spotted Bass fishing Shasta Lake
The Spotted Bass fishing at Shasta Lake was outstanding in the month of Jan. A lot of 14,15 and 16" fish. Steve
Bass Fishing Shasta Lake
The spotted Bass fishing has been outstanding in the month of January. Catching a lot of fish 14,15,and 16 inches. Steve Ray
Backyard on the South Fork American River
My son's are way better at fishing! Larry Findleton
American River King

32-lb American River King caught by Edmond Zilaff​ on 10-lb. testAnonymous Angler
14 lb. Baum Lake Trophy
My eleven year old son, Travis Wesley Reed, caught this 14 lb. 30 1/2 inch trout at Baum Lake near Burney on January 9, 2014 while using PowerBait on six lb. test P-line. It took a little over twenty five minutes to bring this hog in without a net.Jordan Reed
4 lb Bass
I caught this bass on the same day I got the 5 lb 3oz bass shown in the other photo just submitted.Curtis McNutt
5 lb. 3oz. Bass
Caught this hog on a green 6-inch plastic worm about 30 feet the from bank.Curtis McNutt
Big White Teeth
This monster had teeth bigger than mine; he hit my plug so hard I barely got it out.Lori Bell
Double hook up on the chetco river, Grandpa and GrandsonRobin
Newport Albacore
Chuck Stannard snapped this picture of a fat Oregon Albacore caught on the iron a few years back.Chuck Stannard
Skipping School
I talked my boy into skipping school for a day (not too much arm twisting required) and make the trek to The Elk River near Port Orford. Even the fish in my right hand is chrome but reflecting off my son's waders! In addition to our limit of adults we took home a jack and about 3 pounds of chanterelle mushrooms we picked during a break on the side of the river.Jamison Lowe
Dad and Don with dinner!
Elite sportsmen guide service
King Salmon Limit
Brandon Combs
Chetco River Salmon -- 11/21

Chetco River 40 lb. salmon caught on a Hawg Nose Flatfish.Ryan McDonald
20 lbs of Steel
John Strenk
One day with my three boys
Another great dayChris Bell
Fishing the Klamath
Me and my three sons on 9-1-13 at the mouth of the Klamath (l-r)Josh, Shan, Jim and ChrisRenee Bell
Fish On!
Photo taken on October 30, 2013 near the Klamathon Bridge.Mel Fechter
Shelter Cove Rockfish
My son, Gordon Galusha (l), now a resident of Waxahachie, Texas and I spent four days fishing off the North Coast in August, 2013. These black rockfish were taken within a mile of the Shelter Cove launch ramp. We caught limits (10 each) but two fish were given to a young woman who asked us for food. Frank Galusha
Fishing the Fall on the Upper Sac
Liesje Blank
October Rainbow Trout
Jon Baiocchi of Baiocchi's Troutfitters, Nevada City, holds a typical Lake Davis Rainbow. This fish was caught in early October, 2013 after an excellent mid-morning and early- afternoon bite while trolling burnt-orange flies at a depth of about four feet. Twenty rainbows were hooked. Nineteen were brought to the boat, handled with care and released. Frank Galusha
Karen Smith
Afternoon Steelhead
Hell- low Dolly
Robert Booth
Fishing with a friend on the Mad River
Neva Swensen
Springtime in Trinity
Garret Chapman
Morning Light
Traci Barnwell
1/1/13 Opening Day On The Mokeulmne River
Fellow Fisherman
How I Make a Living

Trinity River, the flats, Lewiston; taken with a Droid 2.Judy Rivera
My First Fish Ever

Hyatt Lake, OR, Nikon CoolPix P80.Sarah Miles
Largemouth Bass

Lake Oroville, Iphone 4SJanet Weidel
Chetco River Salmon
Justin White, 14 of Ukiah with 48-pound salmon; Iphone camera. Dick Moore
Annalise Catches Her First Fish

Lake Shasta; Nikon 5100, using a 55/300 zoom lens.Lana Campbell
The big catch

Northern California, phone camera, a nice big catfish.Amy Schell
first chinook

Klamath river. Iphone 4s.Mike Coopman
Cape Mendo Kayak Ling

Cape Mendocino, Nikon D3000, AF-S Nikkor 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens.Michael Sundman
Hat Creek Brookie

Hat Creek, Canon Powershot ELPH 300HS.David Hickson
Mouth Full of Marabou

Southern Oregon Steelhead caught on a Reel Tech Steelhead Jig. Jon Geyer
Mighty Mite

Gray Eagle Creek, Kodak Point & Shoot. 12 megapixels.Jon Baiocchi
Tim's Bass

Tim's Bass from Lake Norman, NCEllen Coulter
First-Time Steelhead

Levi Palmer's first-time steelhead fishing; Umpqua River with his Dad and Uncle.Curtis Palmer
Rogue River Springer

Reed Harbour, Medford with 30-lb Rogue River Salmon.Steven Theel

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