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Follow pond smelt; find the fish

Article and photos by Denis Peirce
07/15/13 -- In the quest to catch fish, a good place to start is to identify the food source. From there you want to identify where it is located and how to imitate it., Denis Peirce, Follow pond smelt; find the fish, plankton, trollinglies, DFG,Minnows, Lake Shastina, Lake Almanor, Spaulding, Yuba, Kokanee, sportmen, migration, Oroville, Shad, Arctic Fox, Rollins, Scott's flat, Englebright, Coho, Margarita,
Japanese Pond smelt range in size from 1 to 4 inches.

The primary baitfish in our local lakes is the Japanese Pond Smelt. It was introduced into California in the late 1950s to provide a food source for rainbow trout in the reservoirs that were being built in that era.

The problem with reservoirs is the fluctuating water levels preclude the establishment of weed beds and the resulting food chain. Two of the most important food sources in our artificial lakes are the incoming streams and the sunlight driven plankton bloom. The streams are limited in their food production and trout don’t do well directly converting plankton to food. The solution was to introduce a bait fish that would convert the plankton into trout food., Denis Peirce, Follow pond smelt; find the fish, plankton, trollinglies, DFG,Minnows, Lake Shastina, Lake Almanor, Spaulding, Yuba, Kokanee, sportmen, migration, Oroville, Shad, Arctic Fox, Rollins, Scott's flat, Englebright, Coho, Margarita,
Smelt Minnow from

The original plan was to introduce the native delta smelt into the impoundments. For some unknown reason this was not successful. The plan “B” was to introduce non-native species to fill the niche. The DF&G tried shad and the pond smelt. It was thought that the Japanese and the Californian smelt were the same species but this turned out not to be the case. This move did put the focus on lures designed to imitate this new bait fish, as shown here., Denis Peirce, Follow pond smelt; find the fish, plankton, trollinglies, DFG,Minnows, Lake Shastina, Lake Almanor, Spaulding, Yuba, Kokanee, sportmen, migration, Oroville, Shad, Arctic Fox, Rollins, Scott's flat, Englebright, Coho, Margarita,
Finnesse Minnows

After more than a decade in a few smaller California test lakes, a population of smelt was transplanted from Lake Shastina to Lake Almanor. Somewhere in this time frame, pond smelt were introduced to Lake Spaulding on the South Yuba River.

During the ensuing years of study, a number of attributes of the smelt were realized. Japanese pond smelt are wanderers, migrating downstream over time, and they out compete other species that rely on their same food source. It is now the policy of the DF&G not to plant kokanee into lakes with smelt populations. Spaulding is a prime example of this. When sportsmen’s groups requested that kokanee be planted in Spaulding, the DF&G determined this was not a viable project due to the established smelt population. Instead of kokanee (sockeye salmon), king salmon were placed in the lake to feed on the smelt.

The migrating instincts of the pond smelt were proven at Lake Oroville. Almanor is higher up the Feather River system and the smelt population started in the 1970s, blossomed, and migrated down the river. Oroville was a “shad lake” up through the early 1980s. Since then, the shad have disappeared and the smelt schools at times can be as large in volume as a garage., Denis Peirce, Follow pond smelt; find the fish, plankton, trollinglies, DFG,Minnows, Lake Shastina, Lake Almanor, Spaulding, Yuba, Kokanee, sportmen, migration, Oroville, Shad, Arctic Fox, Rollins, Scott's flat, Englebright, Coho, Margarita,
Arctic Fox Tube Fly, UV Pond Smelt

The same migration pattern developed below Spaulding. Both Scott’s Flat and Rollins Lakes now host substantial pond smelt populations. Water from Spaulding also finds its way to Folsom Lake. I have heard that Folsom, which used to be a shad lake, is now predominantly a pond smelt reservoir. Farther downstream, the Japanese pond smelt has become established in the delta as well., Denis Peirce, Follow pond smelt; find the fish, plankton, trollinglies, DFG,Minnows, Lake Shastina, Lake Almanor, Spaulding, Yuba, Kokanee, sportmen, migration, Oroville, Shad, Arctic Fox, Rollins, Scott's flat, Englebright, Coho, Margarita,
Two partially digested pond smelt from Scott's Flat Lake compared to an Arctic Fox Tube Fly UV Pond Smelt, Arctic Fox #2 Trolling Fly UV Pond Smelt, Smelt Minnow Fly.

The exception to this migration seems to be Englebright Lake. I have not heard any angler mention pond smelt at this lake which is below Spaulding on the South Yuba. If anyone has seen them here I would like to hear from you.

The point of this article is not whether non-native smelt are good or bad. Rather given the fact that they are here, how can this help us catch fish. The axiom “Find the food and you will find the fish” comes to mind., Denis Peirce, Follow pond smelt; find the fish, plankton, trollinglies, DFG,Minnows, Lake Shastina, Lake Almanor, Spaulding, Yuba, Kokanee, sportmen, migration, Oroville, Shad, Arctic Fox, Rollins, Scott's flat, Englebright, Coho, Margarita,
Dan Walters with a Orovile coho caught on Arctic Fox Tube Fly, UV Pond Smelt. Fly visible against wrist.

Smelt like cold water if it is available. You are most likely to find them suspended in deep water during the warm weather months. Their food source is plankton that is driven by sunlight, which is most prolific in the top 25 feet of the water column. It is my supposition that the smelt may come up at night in the summer to feed on plankton. During the cold weather months I have seen smelt individuals along the shoreline in Oroville. Smelt will spawn in the lake shallows when the temps break up through the 40 degree mark. At Lake Almanor (elevation 4000 feet), this occurs in March, and you will find many anglers trolling with pond smelt imitations, working the shallows. Guide Bryan Roccucci targets the ten foot depth contour where it is close to the shore and has rock on the bottom about the size of basketballs. He is pursuing brown trout that come in close to feed on the spawning smelt. It is not unknown for anglers to pick up rainbows, salmon, or smallmouth bass at the same time., Denis Peirce, Follow pond smelt; find the fish, plankton, trollinglies, DFG,Minnows, Lake Shastina, Lake Almanor, Spaulding, Yuba, Kokanee, sportmen, migration, Oroville, Shad, Arctic Fox, Rollins, Scott's flat, Englebright, Coho, Margarita,
Warmouth Minnow
The next question is how do you imitate a pond smelt? These fish are torpedo shaped and range in size from an inch up to 4 inches. The most notable feature is their coloration. They have a distinct ultra violet/blue hue to their shiny sides. If you can spot a school near the surface, and if they spook, you will notice this color flash as they turn to swim away. Among the popular lures are various spoons in chrome and blue. In soft plastic baits the Berkeley Power Minnow comes in iridescent blue which is a very realistic representation of the local, Denis Peirce, Follow pond smelt; find the fish, plankton, trollinglies, DFG,Minnows, Lake Shastina, Lake Almanor, Spaulding, Yuba, Kokanee, sportmen, migration, Oroville, Shad, Arctic Fox, Rollins, Scott's flat, Englebright, Coho, Margarita,
RoboWorm Margarita Mutilator

RoboWorm makes a “Margarita Mutilator” that features a blue stripe and is quite effective. Other worm colors including “Morning Dawn” and “Warmouth” do well in pond smelt waters., Denis Peirce, Follow pond smelt; find the fish, plankton, trollinglies, DFG,Minnows, Lake Shastina, Lake Almanor, Spaulding, Yuba, Kokanee, sportmen, migration, Oroville, Shad, Arctic Fox, Rollins, Scott's flat, Englebright, Coho, Margarita,
Lucky Craft Staysee Ghost Minnow

Lucky Craft lures makes a “Staysee Ghost Minnow” rip bait that I have done well with. For trollers, the Arctic Fox Trolling Flies in Pond Smelt are good producers.

Your choice of lure will depend on whether you are fishing from shore, casting from a boat, or trolling. Will a blue smelt imitation always produce in local lakes? No, nothing always works. But if I am fishing Scott’s Flat, Rollins, Oroville or Spaulding I will have these in my tackle packs.

Denis Peirce writes a weekly fishing column for The Union of Grass Valley and is host of “The KNCO Fishing & Outdoor Report,” which airs 6-7 p.m. Fridays and 5-6 a.m. Saturdays on 830-AM radio. Contact him via e-mail at or visit

Fishing Reports

September starts and ends with catfish
Both with large catfish, Collins Lake, kathy Hess, myoutdoor buddy
Article and photo by Kathy Hess, Lake Reporter
09/30/14 -- Although September produced mostly catfish, October will be a different story! Starting mid-October the fall planting will begin for rainbow trout. This year our lake is low which won’t affect the fishing...Full Story
Wild coho season closes on the Umpqua 09/30/14 -- The wild coho season on the Umpqua River will close at the end of the day Wednesday, Oct. 1. ODFW fish biologist are projecting the wild coho quota of 2,000 will have been met by the end of Wednesday...Full Story
Wild steelhead on the Sacramento River
Keith Kerrigan submitted this photo of Mike Ruth holding a beautiful Sacramento River Steelhead caught and released near the Barge Hole on September 12. Photo by author
By Keith Kerrigan
09/29/14 -- I am the one who uploaded the picture of Mike Ruth with that nice native steelhead (see ‘Steelhead on the Sacramento River” under the Share Your Photo button). I am like a second Dad to Mike...Full Story
Chetco bubble season opens Wednesday
Larry Ellis, On the Water,
On the Water, by Larry Ellis
09/28/14 -- The countdown has begun. Salmon anglers aching to troll an anchovy in the ocean outside the Port of Brookings will have one last chance to hook a Chinook this coming Wednesday when the Chetco Ocean...Full Story
Rain slows Sac River salmon fishing
Rain slows Sacramento River salmon fishing, Dave Jacobs, In-River Fishing News, Walt Ferguson
In-River Fishing News article and photo by Dave Jacobs
09/28/14 -- With the arrival of much needed rain to Northern California, the Sacramento River salmon fishing has slowed with many older salmon moving up the river and even up into Battle Creek. The fast and furious fishing at...Full Story
Mt. Shasta glacier break affecting McCloud By Gary Heffley
09/26/14 -- News agencies have reported a portion of a glacier on Mt Shasta has broken loose causing mud and debris flows along with melting water to flow down into the Ash, Pilgrim and Mud Creek drainages...Full Story
Input sought on red abalone fishery
Red abalone, University of California, Santa Cruz
09/25/14 -- The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is inviting the public to attend a series of workshops kicking off the Red Abalone Fishery Management Plan development process. CDFW specifically seeks...Full Story
How to fish the lobster opener?
California Spiny Lobster, Derek Stein
California Outdoors Q&A by Carrie Wilson
09/25/14 -- Question: I know that lobster season opens at 12:00:01 Sept. 27, 2014. If the hoop wet time is a maximum two hours, can I drop my hoops at 10:15 p.m. Sept. 26, 2014 and pull them after midnight? (George G).... Full Story
Trinity salmon best bet for weekend
Marc Schmidt of Coastline Charters, two of the 24 albacore tuna fishing, Eureka.
Fishing the North Coast by Kenny Priest
09/24/14 -- If I were a betting man, I’d probably lay down a few bucks on the Trinity River being the salmon hotspot this weekend as all signs point towards this coastal gem busting wide-open. The second water release of the...Full Story
Manteca outdoor tackle swap is Oct. 4 By Vince Harris
09/24/14 -- Saturday, October 4th marks the Outdoorsman's Expo at Cabral Jeep in Manteca. The event is an all-day affair starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m..In addition to all of the great seminars, free BBQ,..Full Story
Bass along weed lines at Lake Berryessa
small bass
Article and photo by Sid Silberberg
09/24/14 -- What a difference a week makes! Two weeks ago on a Saturday I was at the vineyards with Judge and Marcus fishing by the stumps with bass jumping all around us. This past Saturday we went back...Full Story
Data-poor model threatens rockfish seasons
China Rockfish, Wikipedia, Tom Marking, Poor-data modeling threatens rockfish seasons
By Tom Marking
09/24/14 -- The Pacific States have over 100+ species of fish, about 50+ of which have Commercial and Recreational interest. These include flatfish, roundfish , bottomfish, pelagics, migratory species and forage fish...Full Story
Wishin' you were fishin' & relaxin’?
Fennell, Slim (last name not provided) of Australia and Gary Gamble took these beautiful salmon while fishing with Guide Kirk Portocarrero of SacRiverGuide Service, Shasta Lake Properties
By Frank Galusha
09/24/14 -- Early morning comes and what do these lumbermen, two from Australia and one from Reno (none other than the Lumberman of the World and former Snark of the Universe) have planned? A day of fishing, of course...Full Story
Aftermath: Eiler Fire
Aftermath, Eiler Fire, Thousand Lakes Wilderness, 2014, John Higley
Article and photos by John Higley
09/23/14 -- It had to happen someday. On my many visits to the Thousand Lakes Wilderness on the Lassen National Forest, I always thought of how much fuel there was should a fire ever start there. The trails were...Full Story
The Salmon Mega-Model
baby salmon, FISHBIO
By Erin Loury, FISHBIO 
09/22/14 -- [Posted with permission of FISHBIO] Fisheries scientists often get called on to make assessments or predictions about the current or future state of fish populations. But short of a crystal ball, the most powerful tools...Full Story
Hat Creek fishing after Labor Day
marian, trout fishing Hat Creek, Shasta County
Article and photos by Mike Mogler
09/21/14 -- It was 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 20 a very late start for me to go fishing but I was determined to do so. My destination was Hat Creek specifically Old Station to fish a little and talk with other anglers fishing the... Full Story
Drought and salmon-egg injection
salmon spawning in Battle Creek, Tributary to Sacramento River, Anderson California, Mike Mogler
By Mike Mogler
09/20/14 -- I was drinking coffee at a local coffee shop in Shingletown. While talking with other patrons about the "goings and comings" in our neighborhood I noticed an article in the Redding Record Searchlight written by Damon Arthur... Full Story
Emergency water released to Trinity River By E.B. Duggan
09/16/14 -- In response to the discovery of a parasite infection (Ich) in Chinook salmon in the Lower Klamath River, the Bureau of Reclamation began today to release additional water from Trinity Reservoir. On Monday...Full Story
Groundfish make a sustainable rebound
3 species of fish displayed in containers, FISHBIO, groundfish
By Erin Loury, FISHBIO 
09/15/14 -- Conscientious chefs, shoppers, and restaurant goers in search of sustainable seafood just got a heap of new options to choose from. The Monterey Bay Aquarium's highly regarded Seafood Watch program...  Full Story
ODFW seeks funding for unique species 09/15/14 -- Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists with the Native Fish Investigations Program (NFIP) are trying something new in Oregon to support lesser known fish. Crowd-sourced funding...Full Story
Mendocino ab poacher goes to prison 09/12/14 -- A previously convicted abalone poacher is facing a lengthy prison sentence after pleading guilty to new poaching charges. Dung Van Nguyen, 41, of Sacramento was charged with poaching abalone... Full Story
Triton owners coming to Clear Lake By Kathy Priester
09/11/14 -- After a short summer lull, some bigger bass tournaments are about to descend upon Clear Lake, again. Pre-registration is currently open for the 8th-Annual Triton Owners Tournament West. If you or someone...Full Story
Slam’n Salmon Ocean Derby draws 500+
picture of man holding large $6,000 check to Chadwick Poole of Crescent City, Lorissa Soriano
Article and photos by Lorissa Soriano
09/05/14 -- Hundreds of fishermen/women from all over the State of Oregon and beyond flocked to the Port of Brookings Harbor in Curry County, Oregon, this past Labor Day weekend to participate in the 2014 Slam’n Salmon...Full Story
German brown trout afternoon in Modoc
german brown trout in Modoc creek.
By Lea Huetteman
09/04/14 -- Catching a German Brown Trout from the creeks in Modoc County is a fine way to spend an afternoon. There are many creeks in this part of California that drain the Warner Mountains. Stream trout fishing in this region opens...Full Story
Trout Angler’s Challenge set for Collins
Fish Sniffer, Vince Harris
By Vince Harris
09/03/14 -- It's September everyone, and that means that we are just about a month away from the biggest trout championship event in the west - the 2014 Norcal Trout Angler's Challenge - Tournament of Champions...Full Story
GGSA: Sac River too warm for spawning 09/03/14 -- The Golden Gate Salmon Association and a coalition of salmon stakeholders are calling on state and federal fish agencies to save this year’s fall-run salmon from deadly effects of drought. Joining GGSA...Full Story
Fish-rights groups seek ban on tagging
A well organized group of people marching, Frank Galusha
Article and photos by Frank Galusha
09/01/14 -- Two groups representing the rights of fish are seeking a ban on the use of fin-clipping, embedding nose chips and several other fish marking and tagging practices. The groups say these cruel methods are causing...Full Story
Dunsmuir plants Upper Sac with $100 fish By Phil “Flip” Akers
08/30/14 -- For the fourth consecutive year the Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Dunsmuir Big Fish Program on the Upper Sacramento River. This year, in addition to normal DFW trout plants...Full Story
Klamath River to get more cold water 08/29/14 -- Cold water is now flowing down the Trinity River in an attempt to stave off a potential salmon die-off the Lower Klamath where the water is too warm, according to Steve Cannata, Environmental Scientist... Full Story
Winners and Losers in Warm, Dry Times
close up of fingers holding up a very small fish by the dorsal fin, Erin Loury, FISHBIO
By Erin Loury, FISHBIO
08/26/14 -- This third, continuous dry year in California highlights that droughts are not only stressful for people, they are also concerning for fish and wildlife - at least, for the native species. However, one group poised...Full Story
FPT season finale at Oroville to re-locate By Vince Harris, Future Pro Tour 
08/23/14 -- We have been notified by the water agencies at Lake Oroville, that all ramps will be closed on Aug 20th due to rapidly falling water levels. Therefore, the FPT tournament competition committee has decided...Full Story
PFMC announces 2015 harvest levels By Tom Marking
08/22/14 -- Back in March we got our hopes up that we would see an increase in time on the water for all the CA coastline. We all got excited and sent in letters of the proposed three options as presented at the April Council...Full Story
Throw the kitchen sink at them
Indian Paintbrush is a favorite wildflower that carpets wilderness landscapes. Phil Flip Akers,
Article and photos by Phil Akers
08/20/14 -- Our wilderness areas are special, where Mother Nature is landlord and natural forces operate freely. Within the wilderness you will find no roads, shelters, picnic tables, toilets, or other conveniences. You enter at...Full Story
​Mackerel for dinner…but where?
A load of Mackerel, photo by Frank Galusha for
Article and photos by Frank Galusha
08/18/14 -- Most ocean anglers have caught greenback mackerel using all types of gear. Normally these fish can be found near the surface so it is best have your presentation near the top. When the mackerel...  Full Story
Creating healthier wetlands, water & fish
Floating Island West used plastic bottle created bio friendly islands floating in small lake,, Frank Galusha
By Frank Galusha
08/15/14 -- Last month a post at Maven’s Notebook ( caught my eye. It was about algae in Clear Lake. “A small water agency that pumps water from Clear Lake expects to declare a water shortage emergency...Full Story
Is a Floating Island in your future?
Is a Floating Island in your future?,, frank galusha, outdoor news, microbes, ponds, water quality, algae, sustainability, filtration, filters, pond filters, wetlands habitat, bait fish, pathogens, New Zealand, Singapore, Lake Rotorua, Biofilm Engineering, Montana State, bio-mimicking
By Frank Galusha
08/06/14 --- Most anglers are acutely aware of what can happen to their favorite relatively shallow lake or private fishing pond as spring turns to summer and the water warms. The quality of the water declines rapidly and that... Full Story
Predators on the chew
10 pound bull trout, photo by Phil Akers
Article and photos by Phil "Flip" Akers
07/26/14 --Targeting inland lake predators is challenging and sometimes sends you home with a vile, black-and-white kitty rather than a fish. But with arduous challenges come handsome rewards. “Go big or go home” is a...Full Story
Eureka/Trinidad: Summer fishing roundup
Trinidad Harbor, Tom Marking, Eureka-Trinidad Summer Fishing roundup
By Tom Marking
07/20/14 -- The fishing has been good lately in all the coastal areas. Wind has been a problem with a high pressure ridge offshore causing some lump and large swell, but that is now coming down. Smaller boats struggle...Full Story
The Myths and Realities of El Niño
Ocean Nino Index - ONI
By Jan Null, Certified Consulting Meteorologist
06/01/14 -- [Posted with permission of the author and Golden Gate Weather Services] The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) continues their El Niño Watch for the possible return of El Niño later this summer or fall...Full Story
Saving Yelloweyes
Yelloweye rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus). Photo by Retired Fish and Game Warden Larry Bruckenstein
By Steven T. Callan
04/24/14 -- Imagine you’re fishing somewhere off the California coast and you hook into a big one. You finally hoist the monster to the deck and discover it’s nearly three feet long, brilliant red-orange in color, with bright yellow... Full Story
Video: Why boaters don’t like ethanol
NOn Ethanol sold here for boats  sign posted along the street
By Frank Galusha
04/04/14 -- Fishing buddies, take my word for it, don’t burn ethanol-laden fuel in your outboard engines if you don’t want to ruin them or even place yourself in danger if your engine fails to run properly especially...Full Story
Humboldt Bay: Busy port, excellent fishery
Woodley Island Marina, Humboldt Bay, Eureka, California
03/06/04 -- Humboldt Bay, a busy commercial harbor and home port to many charter and private offshore fishing boats, is also popular with shore-based anglers and small boaters seeking bottomfish, sharks, crabs and clams...Full Story
First Light
Boats in the harbor alight at night with a soft wake from a departing boat
Article by Matt Goldsworthy
03/04/14 -- Reprinted with permission of HASA (Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers) – Light is one of the most important factors to consider when fishing deep water. Over the years while fishing for Pacific halibut, we have always... Full Story
Pulled into the pipes: Green Sturgeon
green sturgeon
By Erin Loury, FISHBIO
03/04/14 -- [Posted with permission of FISHBIO] Living in the Sacramento River can be a risky business for juvenile green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris). The young fish must swim through a gauntlet of water... Full Story
Not Just Any Fish
California Golden Trout, California Heritage Trout Challenge, Not Just Any Fish, Phil
By Phil "Flip" Akers
02/14/13 -- Trout have inhabited California waters from the Sierra Nevada and Warner Mountains to the Pacific Ocean since prehistoric times. However, most of the trout caught by anglers are either hatchery raised fish...Full Story
Fishing with Phideaux
By Phil “Flip” Akers
01/26/14 -- Meet Phideaux, a 110-pound neurotic chocolate Lab. His name is pronounced “Fido” but it is spelled “Phideaux” because he is a Cajun dog. Anyway, last summer Phideaux took his human (that’s me) on a trout hunt up into...Full Story
Oregon’s Lost Creek Lake is open all winter
By Cindy Broadwater
01/11/14 – Many outdoor enthusiasts may not be aware that Lost Creek Lake, Marina & Café near Trail, Oregon is open year ‘round. Not only is it the best bet for winter fishing and boating, but it may be the only game in town at times...Full Story
Sturgeon tagging requirements changed
DFW photo Harry Morse
01/01/14 -- California sturgeon anglers will see a small change to sturgeon tags issued beginning today. Sturgeon anglers have been required to tag all retained legal sized sturgeon for many years. In the past, the date, location and length... Full Story
A primer on fishing Lake Shasta By Gary Heffley
01/01/12 -- Shasta Lake draws more visitors to Shasta County than any other single attraction. While it is often a challenge to fish, it is more likely to produce stringers of fat trout or spotted bass. Trout to four and five pounds are caught here routinely...Full Story
Lake Oroville; 'tis the season By Chuck Giles
01/11/12 – Lake Oroville is probably one of the best lakes for sheer numbers of Spotted Bass in Northern California. This is not just on a seasonal basis, but year round. To start, I have a list of baits that produce decent results... Full Story


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