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Lake Oroville: excuse the profanity

By Chuck Giles
There are probably a hundred terms with which we as fishermen become familiar. There is hog, limit out, wacky-worming, drop shot, “fluoro”, mono, and braided. There is one, however, that is probably considered the most profane. It is "skunked," and it happened to this reporter this very day as far as catching any bass went.

Nonetheless, I was not the only one sporting an empty bass live well. Lime Saddle ramp deposits you directly into the west branch of the Feather River. There have been quite a few improvements made here in the last two years including a superb dock facility and covered slips for those who keep their houseboats here. The majority of Paradise residents launch here and I had the opportunity to question four of the bass fishermen as I loaded my boat. Two had a decent day of angling and two may as well have been with me.

Those with whom I spoke that were successful had used white tube baits and dropped them around straight walls. Rainbow colored Senkos also worked on a wacky rig. The water temperature varied from forty nine to fifty two degrees. At my launch time there was a fairly stiff wind that died down around two o’clock. They stated the fishing actually picked up when the wind was the strongest.

Aha! There is, however, some good news included here. If you remember in the first paragraph when I had to use that filthy word, I said as far as catching any bass went. As mentioned in the previous weeks’ reports, Coho Salmon also reside here and at least eight of these little beauties indeed were cooperative today.

Trolling night crawlers behind a sling blade, as well as gold speedy shiners and Shasta Tackle humdingers worked very well. Depth really was not an issue. These silver little critters were any where from the surface down to twenty feet.

I have heard stories of four and five pound salmon being caught since the major planting two months back. I have not, however, had any verification on this. My largest today was probably fourteen inches and the other seven averaged ten to twelve inches.

The past few weeks bass guide Ron Gandolfi has been the source for the majority of the Oroville bass reports. Feeling a tinge of guilt and the fact I have not been on the water in a while prompted me today to personally fish my home water and present a glowing first-hand report. It did not quite work as I had planned.

It was to be a shake down cruise for my boat and a pleasant day of fishing. That it was if catching nary a bass can be labeled “pleasant.” I have several excuses, though. I didn’t venture out into the main lake body. There was a ton of debris in the water. Noon is not the time to start fishing, and finally, I guess I wasn’t holding my mouth right.

So this writer does apologize for having to use the dirty word in the report, but I have the feeling we may all be guilty of this indiscretion at one time or another.

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