Common Questions & Answers about Vehicle Repairs

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

by Don Stec

Question: I heard you on the radio talking about the car that was test driven eight times after being repaired at another place and the vehicle still was not correct. There must have been some time that passed after the repair. How did you get the Insurance Company to pay for the repair when they already paid once before and a lot of time had passed?

Answer: The Insurance Company re-opened the claim because we could show them that only a portion of the damage was repaired. We discovered damage missed by the other shop. We could prove it was part of the original impact by comparing the repair invoice and comparing the vehicle against a blue print. The Insurance Company paid us to “complete the repair.”

Question: My paint job is peeling; the clear-coat only. Can you just remove the clear and re-coat it?

Answer: Sorry, that is just wishful thinking. We get this question a lot. The clear is delaminating, (separating from the color-coat.) There are several causes. A common one on newer vehicles is incompatible paint materials used by the manufacturer. Other causes on vehicles 5-10 years old are the weather. Cold, heat and the ultra violet rays from the sun have been suspect on clear coat separation. The clear cannot be removed without damaging the color coat. If it could, it would still be a problem because the color coat without clear has deteriorated and would be a different color if only clear paint was applied. The only solution is to strip all the peeling paint from the affected panels and repaint, using a color-coat and then a clear-coat.

Question: My ATV has a bent frame. It ran into a ditch at a high speed. The dealer said it would cost more than it is worth to replace the frame. He recommended selling it for parts. Do you think you can repair the frame?

Answer: We repair all kinds of frames. We do a lot of ATV’s including repairing the suspension and aligning the wheels too. Bring it in for an inspection and an estimate. Most ATV’s we repaired were thought to be not repairable by the owners.

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