Shallow Shasta Bass

by Gary Heffley

Many bass anglers are finding success tossing jigs to the bank and working out for some quality spotted bass action. Bass are being caught as shallow as two feet of water.

There is also solid action for a wide range of plastic presentations, this is the time of year I recommend that anglers fish to their comfort level for consistent action. But this is also the time to experiment with different and new techniques. One that I have yet to try, but a technique that is gaining popularity, is the new or at least newly named “Ned” baits, small plastics utilizing very light weights of usually about an eighth of an ounce.  Underspin baits are also seeing a rise in popularity.

Keitech swimbaits are producing good numbers and some very large spotted bass are falling to those looking for that one big one and tossing large swimbaits.  These anglers are not looking for numbers of fish, just the next lake record.

Shasta is currently just under 10 feet from full pool and rising. The inconsistent weather patterns are the only thing keeping the fishing from being wide open.

Gary Heffley has been a valued contributor to MyOutdoorBuddy for over seven years serving as manager, sales representative and reporter for much of Northern California. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves to fish and write about his adventures. He has long history in the Sporting Goods field and is presently managing the Gift Bar and Camping Department at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Redding.