Lake Siskiyou Fish Report for 1-28-2011

by Scott Caldwell

Yesterday, was one of those great breaks we sometimes get during the Winter here in Siskiyou County; Blue Sky, Warm Sun, and no wind. My Dad and I arrived at Lake Siskiyou around noon and were blessed with glassy like water conditions and tempteratures in the mid 50's. It doesn't get much better when you arrive at your particular body of water and find it looking like a mirror on the wall. We trolled various hardware and landed a few small Trout before the sun started to drop and the temperature with it, but before we left we did find quite a few Trout holding near the new walking bridge. We watched Trout after Trout rise for little midges during a Sundown hatch. The water temperature around most of the lake was 38 to 40 degrees so trolling slow and in the top 20 feet was key to get any bites. It was just nice to get the boat out and cruise the lake when the conditions are like that, so next time out we will fish harder and see what kind of damage we can do.