Klamath River Fish Report for 10-10-2010

by Scott Caldwell

It was the best day on the river so far this season. George and his son Zack landed 10 out 14 Salmon today. They missed quite a few other opportunities to get solid hook ups, but steady action is what we always look for when we are fishing anywhere! Bait stealing grabs are what keep you pumped up and ready for that next possible hook up and we had many of those today. The Salmon were very active when we floated into the first hole this morning as the sun was just starting to come up. We fished the edges of the fast water and right in the middle of the slow moving frog water. We had good success in getting bit and landing Salmon using those tactics. As I have mentioned in past reports and I will mention again I feel this year’s Salmon are some of the best fighting Salmon we have had in quite some time. Many of my seasoned clients have made the same comment on what a great battle these fish are providing this season. I will be off the river for the next two days as my Dad completes a full 6 months of chemotherapy, and then will have his Scans to see where we are at. I want to thank all those who have asked and wished my Dad the best. I also want to put out there and to add to you prayer list my fellow guide friend Craig who is fighting his own Cancer battle and is on chemo and is out here there doing his best for his clients. You rock Craig!!!