Klamath River Fish Report for 10-3-2010

by Scott Caldwell

Wayne White of Redding California and my oldest client at 79 years landed the biggest Salmon of the season today, a hard fighting 39-inch 25-pound Buck. The Salmon slammed a k-15 kwikfish early this morning and nearly ripped the rod out of the rod holder but Wayne was able battled the brute expertly to the net. Stuart Wayne's grandson had to hold the fish for the photo, Wayne arm we shaking too much after the excitement of the battle. We landed three other nice Salmon and lost three others while bouncing roe or backtrolling kwikfish. The bite has been a little off for the past few days but that didn’t stop this weekend from being the busiest, we probably saw close to a hundred driftboats make their way down the river on Saturday and Sunday.