Lake Siskiyou Fish Report for 2-24-2010

by Scott Caldwell

Monday my Dad and I fished Lake Siskiyou in Mt Shasta and found the Trout bite to be pretty good. I say the bite was pretty good, but only in one area of the Lake. The hotspot was in front of the boat ramp in 20 to 45 feet of water. Trout were biting really good rite there. We picked up a few random fish from other areas on the Lake but not a consistent bite. Trolling Seps dodgers with either a small piece of crawler, or a Seps trolling fly (olive green) worked well, we also used a system 1 kokanee dodger matched with a beaded spinner in sparkle green made by Fish with Gary Tackle company to land a few. Trolling slowly, 1 mph, in an S pattern was the key to getting bit.