Klamath River Fish Report for 10-19-2009

by Scott Caldwell

I thought I would take the day off today not having any clients but then guilt set in as I took Conner to school this morning. HMMMMMMM guess what what won out. I managed to get some things done before noon, today, but I had it in my mind that I would pick Conner up, after he had lunch and we would hit the river, for his turn at the Salmon. So no sooner did I pick him up, then the weather changed and became rainy. Oh well screw it,, 6 years old dont care about the rain,, apparently neither do 41 year olds LOL!!!!!!! Conner and I hit the river for a few hours we landed 5 out 7 fish. One happy boy and plenty of fresh visual for him to ask questions about,, PRICELESS !! and for those of you who know my son Conner you know all about his questions,, LOL. Along the way we ran into Momma deer and her twis, as well as a pair of young healthy forky horned Bucks. Of course my young hick son asked if we could shoot them and eat them, its stiil Buck season right??? It ended 2 days ago!!! Whew!!! all want do at 530 at night is gut a dear and have to hang it.