Klamath River Fish Report for 10-18-2009

by Scott Caldwell

The last few days have been darn near perfect; great people, awesome weather and excellent fishing. We are starting to see the big bucksarrive, my friends, family and clients, have been landing at least one 22 pound or better Salmon per trip. Today, my brother inlaw Larry landed a nice 24 pound buck while bobbing roe in the herring tree hole and yesterday my clients Larry and Joey landed 3 Salmon in the 20 pound class. I took my brother inlaw Larry and his ""BUSINESS PARTNER"" Jamie on the river for a few hours today and in that short time they went 6 for 8 on the Salmon. Not bad for first time roe bouncers, my clients Larry Shult and Joey Nunes, on Saturday, landed 6 out 10 and they too were first timers. I have been launching my boat at first light on most of my trips this season and today was the first time since early September that I was in shorts and teeshirt from the start. The weather has been cool most mornings ranging somewhere between 30 and 43, but today felt near 50 and hit a 70 by noon. Salmon fishing should reamain good for at least another10 days, so if your still thinking about giving it a try give me a call, I have a couple of openings this week.