McCloud Reservoir Fish Report for 11-1-2008

by Scott Caldwell

Despite the poor weather the fishing at McCloud Reservoir is red hot. I took my friends Jim and Joe yesterday, and we had constant action all afternoon. We dropped the boat in at noon and no more than 100 yards from the dock we had two Rainbow Trout in the boat. The trout were easy pickins as we trolled a Sep's dodgers with a worm trailer thru the surfacing rainbows. Trout were everywhere gorging themselve on midges and caddis flies, that were hatching all afternoon. There were some occasional rain showers, as well as some blustery winds, but for the most part, it was just cool and overcast. We did land a couple of Brown Trout, one on a k-7 kwikfish at a depth of 30 feet on the downrigger, the other was on the dodger. Most of the Rainbows were in 14 to 17-inch range with a few smaller ones and a few bigger ones mixed in. Now is the time to go to McCloud once the snow starts it becomes very difficult to get into the lake.