Lake Siskiyou Fish Report for 4-5-2008

by Scott Caldwell

This past week has been one of great change. I am no longer the owner of the Miner Street Pub, my wife is due in November with our second child, I went fishing twice at Lake Siskiyou, and my body is adjusting to daytime hours again. All that said, I am looking forward to fishing and guiding more, unfortunately, Lake Siskiyou is the only fishable body of water at the moment, and it turned over this week. The downside to the Lake turning over is that the fishing is very slow, my son Conner landed one nice Trout on Wednesday and we only got one other bite after 4 hours on the water. Friday, I took some friends of mine and we hit the water earlier in the morning and fished till noon. We did not get one bite, so we pulled the boat out of the water and headed over to McCloud Reservoir. The reservoir is 50 to 75 feet below the launching ramp, if you have a big boat forget about McCloud until the water comes up. The Klamath River is currently flowing at just over 2800cfs so it needs to come down to at least 2000cfs before it will be fishable. As Siskiyou County heads into spring the fishing will improve, as the weather warms up, so stay turned.