Klamath River Fish Report for 2-21-2007

by Scott Caldwell

Last Saturday, I fished clients on the Klamath River and found the Steelhead fishing to be slow. The quality of the steelhead was good, Ryan Covington landed one 25-inch 6 pound buck and Chad (Dad) landed one 18-inch 2 pound buck. The flow of the river was good (1330cfs)  but very cold (41 degrees) though there are fish to be caught, you just have to hit them on the head. As of Sunday, the weather has changed as well as the flow of the river. It is now raining with a chance of snow. The flow of the river was bumped up to nearly 1800cfs on Sunday causing a lot of debree from the bank to make its way down river. Guy Ives of Sis-Q Guide Service was out on Sunday and found it impossible to run plugs. Bait on the bottom fished very slow is your best bet right now.