Klamath River Fish Report for 10-10-2006

by Scott Caldwell

Anytime you can get  10 and 12 year old boys (with sugar highs, SODA!!) hooking there own fish the bite must be prettygood. I'll give the kids some credit, they could bounce bait pretty good for their ages. In the end, the diver with roe, worked best, as they hooked-up 12 Salmon on Monday. Unfortunately, for the boys the landing ratio was not what they wanted. 8 of the 12 Salmon managed to get close enough to boat to see, but not in the net.  That's fishing, otherwise, we would just call it catching. The Salmon are pretty much just biting Roe, I havent had much action with Kwikfish, on the last two trips. Fishing has been getting better has the flow of water has been steady. I have some open days left, so call now to book a trip.