Lake Sabrina Report- Currently Closed

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lake Sabrina Staff

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

We are currently closed at Lake Sabrina Boat Landing as we are in the Inyo National Forest. What does this closure mean – no camping, no dispersed camping, no hunting, no hiking and no fishing. We’ll be hanging around in hopes the fires and smoke will calm down a bit and we can reopen for boat rentals, tackle, cold drinks and some snacks. Our Café is now closed for the season. 

 As with just about everywhere, the smoke has been pretty intense. We got back up to the Lake on Sunday afternoon about 3:30pm under beautiful blue skies. By 4:15pm, the smoke had started rolling in and by 5:10pm the back mountains had disappeared. The smoke has pretty much stayed with us since. The winds are supposed to start on Thursday and remain thru Friday, so not sure which way the smoke may head. 

It has been pretty interesting at the Lake. Now that it’s gotten a lot quieter in the Canyon, the wildlife have come out to play a bit more. We had a bear lumber across the Dam last Wednesday about 7am and came back for a late night snack. (Still wondering what might have happened if he had gone thru the lids on the dumpster).  And we just heard of someone heading up to South Lake Monday morning and a mountain lion was standing right in the middle of the road – that would be a sight to behold. The Eagles are flying, too. 

The work continues on the Auxiliary Spillway. They’ve taken down the second step on the right side (looking at the dam from the Lake) as they chased a good size crack across that area. They are constructing forms to pour concrete and have put plywood across the dam to prevent any concrete from making its way to the Lake once they start pouring – yup, they’re pumping concrete 900 feet across the dam. 

 Once we are allowed to open, we will go to our Fall hours, but the Café will remained closed.   


Starting when we can open again!

Monday thru Thursday – 8:00am to 6:00pm

Friday thru Sunday – 7:00am to 7:00pm