Eagle Lake Conditions

by Valerie Aubrey

We don’t always get the predicted snowfall during a storm event, however we do prepare for the worst and accept the least. Predictions range from 3-7” to 12-18” of snow. One thing will be certain is roads are probably going to be impacted even if we only see a few inches. I expect to see low temps drop below zero when single digits are predicted (at this point Thursday/Friday at 1F)and high temps around freezing won’t help much to thaw things out fast. THAT will probably impact the north basins and some areas of the south unless winds keep the water moving. (Currently 7-10mph northerly) The Circus Grounds generally see shoreline ice form first due to northern exposure and shadow affect. Calm shallow bays, marshy areas also ice over first. But in general, it takes a lot of cold temps and no wind to ice over the south basin, which usually happens in January if it happens. Winds are predicted to be gusty Tuesday & Wednesday and appear to settle down some again after the storm passes, however distant forecasts for wind speed aren’t always accurate. Shore fishing should remain good, boats may find icy conditions to launch, dock might be there & might not be there at Gallatin. Spalding may be iced over (winds can help here). Lol. But the fishing, including shore fishing should remain great (as always this time of year) for those braving the elements. We’ll know more about the “reel” weather and temps when it gets here. After all, it IS Eagle Lake & she is big enough to do what she wants to regarding the weather. And if your stupid in a boat during a storm event, she will claim you in a heartbeat. Stay safe, we still have over a month left in the fishing season!!