Eagle Lake Fishing Report

by Valerie Aubrey

Fog lifted early. A beautiful day on the lake besides a little chilly this morning at 15F. Lake is still a bit stirred up from the last big wind with bottom visible to about 18” but the fish just keep biting. (Pearl/white was our best color today) 45-47F surface temps on the west side. Distant weather forecasts indicate a chance for a storm coming in late Monday night. Tuesday & Wednesday we are predicted to see a little snow. Low temps in the low teens to single digits, high temps below freezing....pretty much cold all week. We’ll see what happens. Lots of folks come up for thanksgiving weekend, just be cautious on the roads. Just because you have 4wheel drive doesn’t mean you can drive 55. Especially in icy conditions. Winter appears to be arriving next week for a while. Lol. But this weekend looks GREAT!