Klamath conditions continue to change

Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

2/24/19 - Mother Nature has been trying her best to make Steelhead fishing difficult on the Klamath the past 2 weeks. Dan and John fought through rising cold water conditions and hooked up on some nice fish yesterday.

Waking up to rising river water is not the best situation. Despite that surprise we had a great day being the only boat on the water. Backtrolling maglips and bait about as slow as one could go was the key to getting bit. We caught released 7 fish the largest going 22 inches and 4 pounds. 

Westher in general has been a little of everything so just being prepared with layers and rain gear is a must.

Video from yesterday's trip 

Welcome Winter Steelheading and ever changing weather conditions. Give me a call or book online at Caldwellfishing.com