Shasta Lake Trout biting in rain

These Fat Shasta Lake Dinner Bows are full of Shad making them taste so good!
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

12/16/18 - Just Wow!!  I've fished through a lot of weather over the years, but yesterday on Shasta Lake had to be one of the wettest. 
  From the moment my client Kerry Krueger and I got on the water, until we got off it, it flat out poured rain. The kind of heavy big drop, ground soaking, reservoir filling rain, that just gets everything wet. Good thing the Trout are already wet and feeding like crazy on baby shad. 
  We had a dozen hook ups despite the deluge and Kerry is taking home some fat Dinner Bows. Notice the fat bellies, they are full of shad. That rich diet makes these fish taste wonderful. If you can handle fishing in crazy winter weather there are some great fishing adventures waiting for you. 
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