Plugging the Klamath

John had the quite day on the Klamath river
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

Wednesday turned out to be one the of those days where the Steelhead wanted one thing. That one thing was a plug lathered up with Pro-Cure Carpspit. My client John started out on fire side drift casting a Rapala from the launch and had 6 fish to boat in no time. We also backtrolled maglip 3.0's very slow and had similar success, although our biggest fish loss stories came from this method. Coming to end of the day we hit a hole and caught  small fish on Rapala so I backed up and we put out the maglips backing them to edge of riffle and bam a smashing pull down of course no sooner did we get on the rod he let go but not before showing himself a bit. That of course got the blood pumping. John and I figured we missed our chance at the hog but we would try again putting out another color the fish hadn't seen. Backing them down again to the to same area produced the same result but this time the bruiser gave us a little more excitement by ripping drag and running down river before letting go again. Sigh and cry time hahaha it was all good. That is the thrill of fishing better to have had one on then none at all. We will be back oh Wiley Steelhead and with that we finished our day. John caught and released 15 fish an awesome winter steelhead day for sure. 

VIDEO from yesterdays trip 

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