Carpspit Steelhead

One fat hen this pig has been eating well
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

Not any one word can really describe yesterdays Steelhead bite on the Klamath river, so I'll use two amazingly hot! Two more words can effectively describe the hot bait Carpspit Rapala. The adult Steelhead of which we caught released 12 we all over the Pro-Cure plug just checkout all the pictures and video and you can see it was you really needed. We did catch other fish on a backtrolled night crawler but literally all the adult Steelhead (2 to 9 pounds) smashed the casted rapala. Now is the time to get hooked up on the biggest Steelhead the Klamath has to offer.

CarpspitSteelhead Video 

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Merry Fishmas!!