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Highway 96, Siskiyou County
The idea to create the State of Jefferson was first introduced in 1941 and is still talked about.


Sport crab opens Saturday — domoic acid warning likely
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, NOVEMBER 2, 2017

Humboldt County Coast

The ever-popular recreational Dungeness crab season is scheduled to open on time this year, and the season’s first crustaceans can be legally hauled from the salty waters of oceans and bays beginning Saturday morning. However, the California Department of Public Health could issue a health advisory on the sport season similar to the start of the 2016 season when they...
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ODFW Recreation Report
by ODFW, NOVEMBER 1, 2017

Deer and elk hunting General Rocky Mountain elk 2nd season opens Nov. 4-12. Conditions for big game hunting have improved with the rain. See reports below or the Big Game Hunting Forecast for what to expect. Zone 1 duck season Reopens Nov. 1 and continues through Jan. 28, 2018. Check out the waterfowl and upland bird harvest statistics at ODFW wildlife areas. Western fall turkey Western general season turkey...
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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is expanding its Lands Pass Program to 41 wildlife areas and ecological reserves this fall and winter and will soon require a CDFW lands pass of all visitors 16 or older. Those carrying a current hunting or fishing license are exempt from this new requirement. CDFW’s Lands Pass Program began in 1988 as...
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Let Them Shoot 20 GA. Guns
The Outdoor Edge
by Don Webster, NOVEMBER 1, 2017

On occasion, during the advance of old age, practicality and common sense meet up with reality. No doubt about it. It's a beautiful thing. During my 74 years, I've covered countless fields, hills, dales, bogs, and marshes for over five decades with a scattergun. I might argue that with  age and experience, I have earned the credibility of a tenured, silver-haired,...
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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is offering waterfowl hunting opportunities at the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (ELER) in Hayward during the 2017-18 season. The reserve includes former commercial salt ponds now managed by CDFW as low-salinity water bird habitat and areas restored to full tidal action. Access to ELER for waterfowl hunting will be open for 100 hunters...
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Human Caused Wildfires
Before and After
by Don Stec, OCTOBER 30, 2017

This past year, wildfires have been one of the great concerns throughout the state of California. We often hear weather reports of approaching thunder storms and lightning strikes.  Then, we hear the reports of fires.  It seems the general consensus among the public is; the majority of wildfires are caused by lightning.  At least this is the opinion I get...
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