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Let the Squirrel Wars begin!!!
by Lorissa Soriano, APRIL 18, 2018

The Special Ops Department of Squirrel Eradicators (D.O.S.E.), in partnership with the Reconnaissance Division of Varmint Hunters (D.O.V.H.) stationed in Modoc County, is currently looking for new recruits and fast shooters to join them as they prepare to do battle with rogue Spermophilus terrorist organizations who have been threatening to destroy farm and ranch lands throughout the County.  The D.O.S.E. and...
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A volunteer angler education training, previously offered May 5 in Hillsboro by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, has been cancelled. Angler and hunter education and other outdoor skills courses are offered through ODFW’s Outdoor Program. For a schedule of upcoming opportunities, visit ODFW’s Workshops & Events page at myodfw.com. ...
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 Boating season is starting and people hauling both motorized and non-motorized boats must stop at watercraft inspection stations opening around Oregon next week. Large orange “Boat Inspection Ahead” signs followed by “Inspection Required for All Watercraft” alert motorists. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife inspection stations in Ashland and Ontario are now open year-round. Stations open today in Brookings, Klamath Falls,...
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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will award five South Coast bay clam dive permits May 1, 2018 at ODFW headquarters in Salem. South Coast permits are only valid in Oregon estuaries south of Heceta Head. “The commercial bay clam dive fishery in Oregon is limited to 15 permits—10 coastwide permits and five south coast permits,” said Linda Lytle, license service manager...
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Despite its macabre name, Death Valley is home to frost-covered mountain peaks, the striking badlands and the Eureka Valley sand dunes. While the dunes may seem desolate, it has served as a habitat for unique species throughout its estimated 10,000-year existence. Among them is a large desert wildflower that’s been saved from extinction. Originally listed as endangered in 1978, the Eureka...
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Klamath Management Zones Get Long Ocean Salmon Seasons
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, APRIL 15, 2018

Sacramento River

Salmon fishermen of the KMZ, it's time to start counting backward and marking days off your calendar. Due to a decision that finalized salmon alternatives at a recent PFMC meeting held in Portland, Oregon, both California and Oregon Klamath Management Zones (KMZ) will be fishing long and hopefully productive ocean salmon seasons this year. The reason for the long salmon seasons was...
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