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Lakeview, Lake County
The mule deer was named for its large ears that along with its nose are its first line of defense.


Spinnerbait/Anchovy Rigs Part II
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, JULY 1, 2017

Rogue River

Last week we took a look at the nuances of hooking up a naked (straight bait) anchovy in a spinnerbait/anchovy rig that is used for trolling in estuaries in the pacific northwest such as the Rogue Bay or the mouth of the Chetco River.  This week we will look at some tips and tricks at rigging up this baitfish powerhouse...
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How to Detect Flat Tires
Before and After
by Don Stec, JUNE 30, 2017

Modern vehicles handle very well. So it is understandable when some people tell us they did not notice one tire was flat and drove several miles on the flat, destroying the tire. The first time I had heard this I thought the driver was just not very aware of the vehicle’s handling. The driver swore the vehicle handled so well the...
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Collecting Pre-Roasted Turkeys?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, JUNE 30, 2017

Question: From your column, I’ve learned that roadkill is illegal to recover (so that I don’t hunt with my truck). Here’s my question: In our hilly neighborhood the turkeys often fly into the power lines, causing a power outage right around breakfast time. On my way to work I see the roasted turkey near the road. Since PG&E killed it while...
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Screenshots from the new How to hunt for deer and elk online course.Each fall, thousands of Oregonians head to the woods to hunt deer and elk for the chance to spend time with family and friends, enjoy the outdoors and for the game meat. If you’ve ever wanted to join them, ODFW can help. ODFW’s new free online course, How to Hunt...
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ODFW Weekly Recreational Report
by ODFW, JUNE 29, 2017

Go trout fishing and win! Anglers can win a $50 gift certificate by reeling in a trout marked with floy tags as part of the ODFW’s tag reward program. Tags are currently in place in many locations around the state. From this week’s report … Clear Lake, Cottage Grove Reservoir, Dexter Reservoir, Dorena Reservoir, Haines Pond, Highway 203 Pond, North Powder...
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Fishing Pacific Halibut with a Buoy from a Kayak?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, JUNE 29, 2017

Question: I wish to target large Pacific halibut from my kayak. I’ve researched several different methods for safely landing a large Pacific halibut from a kayak and have settled on a wireman’s gaff. A wireman’s gaff is a large 18/0 shark hook at the end of a 15-20 foot section of rope. The fish is gaffed with the shark hook and...
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