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California’s dove hunting season is rapidly approaching, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is now accepting applications for special dove hunts throughout the state. The first half of the split season will be open statewide from Sept. 1-15, 2017. The second half will be open statewide from Nov. 11 through Dec. 25, 2017. For mourning dove and white-winged dove,...
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Three Fresno men face jail time and fines after being caught poaching and unlawfully trafficking sport-caught fish, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announced. Kue Her, 36, Leepo Her, 33, and Michael Vang, 31, all of Fresno, all pled guilty to charges of illegal poaching of wildlife for profit. Kue Her was sentenced to 52 days in county jail...
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Delta Water Tunnels
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, JULY 23, 2017

Klamath River - Lower

Yes we are back to the Delta Tunnels again. It appears that the Governor has received the “OK” to build the tunnels that will go around the delta and deliver water from the Sacramento River to the pumps at the San Joaquin station. Currently the CVPA delivers an average of 4.7 million acre feet per of water per year to...
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More Quality Time
by John Higley, JULY 23, 2017

As I sit here wondering what to do next, I suddenly realize I’m way behind on my fishing this summer.  Ordinarily, I’ve fished several streams by now, and I’ve hiked to at least a couple of backcountry lakes for trout.  I also would have fished a time or two with my better half Sharon, but that hasn’t happened either.  I can...
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Rivers, ocean and bays producing fish
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, JULY 22, 2017

Chetco River

Jacksmelt are still continuing to give Chetco south jetty crab pier anglers plenty of thrills although the action has tapered off from former weeks. Most of the fish are being picked up near the surface, hence the smart anglers are Huck Finning their way to their 7-fish limits. So definitely think about using a bobber when fishing for the frisky silversides. Flat-calm...
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California hunters can now apply online for specially managed upland game bird hunting opportunities on private and public lands. Starting with the 2017 fall hunting season, hunters will need to apply through the Automated License Data System (ALDS) for special hunt drawings for pheasant, chukar, quail, wild turkey and dove. The new, automated application process replaces the Special Hunts Application process...
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