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Fish for Food: A History of Non-Native Fish Stocking in California
Sacramento River - Red Bluff

Fish make good food – that’s arguably the main reason humans have concerned themselves with catching, raising, or stocking fishes since time immemorial. From this focus on fish as food came the practice of moving fish from one place to another. Early fisheries management in the United States typically sought to “improve” upon local food resources in a given area by introducing...
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RV and Vehicle Repair Scams
Before and After
by Don Stec, SEPTEMBER 5, 2018

From time to time I warn people about scams that occur with vehicle repairs.  When the economy is poor the scams become more prevalent. The fires this year have given the scammers another opportunity to take advantage of a hurting populace barely starting the process of recovery.  Vulnerable to the promise of saving a few precious dollars, some will be easy...
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Salmon fishing on the Trinity
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, SEPTEMBER 3, 2018

Trinity River

Salmon season opened on the Trinity Saturday September 1st. The Willow Creek weir is installed and operating with a new addition- an underwater video camera. The intent is to try and capture fish going through during the hours that the weir is open for fish passage to help for a more accurate fish count in the Lower Trinity. Sunday I took a...
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Whiskeytown Cemetery to Receive New Life
by Sharon Waranius, SEPTEMBER 3, 2018

Generations of  telling epitaphs are chiseled into the headstones at Whiskeytown Cemetery located just a few miles north of Redding, California. Families, friends and loved ones continue to display their devotion with ornate and historical grave markings, and visitors add the historical cemetery to their list of tourist destinations. The town of Whiskeytown, which originally housed the cemetery, is now under the...
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 The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking qualified applicants to fill two soon to be vacant positions on the Fish Restoration and Enhancement (R and E) Program Board. One position represents sport fishing interests and the other represents gill netting interests on the R and E Board. Interested individuals must apply by Sept. 19, 2018 and can use the application found...
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Young Mustangs Available for Adoption
by Wild Horse Sanctuary, SEPTEMBER 2, 2018

Take home a loveable symbol of the American West! An estimated 15 young wild horses ranging in age from 1 year to 3 years, in a rainbow of colors will be available for adoption, Saturday, September 8 through Sunday, September 9, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the sanctuary located at 5796 Wilson Hill Road, Shingletown. Youngsters are available on a...
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