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Illipah Reservoir Report
by NDOW, JANUARY 18, 2018
Illipah Reservoir

At last report Jakes Creek is covered with five inches of good hard clear ice. The ice is extremely slick, so take care walking on it.  There were no signs of anyone fishing the lake so we have no report on fishing conditions.
Coming Lake Report
by NDOW, JANUARY 18, 2018
Comins Lake

The north lake has unsafe ice with some open water.  The south lake has around three to four and a half inches of ice with some open water at the extreme south end.  Drill test holes before venturing too far onto the lake.  Expect the south lake ice to stabilize with the projected colder temperatures of the next week.
Cave Lake Report
by NDOW, JANUARY 18, 2018
Cave Lake

There is approximately four inches of ice here, so drill some test holes before venturing too far from shore.  Expect open water at the inlet end.  The ice should start improving with the forecast colder temperatures and there will be a determination this weekend as to whether next weekend’s Rotary Club Ice Fishing Derby will be held.  That being said,...
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Angel Lake Report
by NDOW, JANUARY 18, 2018
Angel Lake

The lake is ice covered and the road to Angel Lake is closed.  There will be no more fishing reports until late next spring or early summer depending upon winter conditions.
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has confirmed three recent incidents of pentobarbital poisoning in raptors and would like to remind veterinarians and the public about proper handling of euthanized companion animals, horses, livestock and poultry to prevent further incidents. Any animal that has been chemically euthanized must be cremated or buried at least three to four feet...
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When Can I Get the 2018 Warden Stamp?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, JANUARY 18, 2018

Question: I enjoy collecting the warden stamps (or decals) that come out every year. Is there a new edition coming out for 2018 soon? When will it be available? (Bridget) Answer: Yes! The 2018 Warden Stamp is now available for $5 online at ca.wildlifelicense.com/internetsales, at any license sales agent or California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) sales counter, or at any of the...
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