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Backyard Dove Hunting with Judo Point Arrows?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, JUNE 8, 2017

Question: I am a recently minted homeowner and my neighborhood is overrun by Eurasian doves. For fun, I would like to do some recurve bow hunting for them with judo point arrows when the season opens later this year. I know that the statute states, “No discharge of firearms or any deadly weapon within 150 yards of a residence.” However,...
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Low tides troublesome for Eureka boat ramps
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, JUNE 8, 2017

Eureka Coast

This weekend’s minus tides could be problematic for ocean anglers launching at Eureka’s two public boat ramps. As most boaters are aware, the Eureka public boat ramp off of Waterfront is a muddy mess at low tide. And this weekend’s minus tides fall smack dab in the middle of when the boat launching traffic is typically the heaviest. Saturday’s low...
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Fishing’s getting better at the beach Some anglers are catching limits of rockfish and lingcod out of Newport and Depoe Bay; jetties and rocky coastline can be good for rockfish, greenling and lingcod, and the ocean surf off sandy beaches is the place to target surf perch. Check out these and other salty opportunities in the Marine Zone section of the Recreation...
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The Pacific halibut nearshore sport fishery in the Columbia River Subarea will open to seven days per week, starting this week. The all-depth fishery closed, with approximately 1,000 pounds remaining on the quota. That is not enough to open for additional all-depth days. That remaining quota has been transferred to the nearshore fishery, allowing the additional days per week to be...
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How to Describe Car Problems with Sounds
Before and After
by Don Stec, JUNE 7, 2017

Several years ago I did a radio commercial about a woman who gave the following description of her car problem, she said. “My car makes a loud scream like noise when I accelerate, then I hear a loud ka-plunk and the warble starts. Can you help me?” The words you are using are not typical automotive descriptive words. Could you describe...
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Whiskeytown Lake Kokanee action improving
by Jeff Goodwin, JUNE 6, 2017
Whiskeytown Reservoir

Last year, there were a lot of NorCal Kokanee anglers out there who got to experience some of the fastest action Kokanee fishing on Whiskeytown Lake in many recent seasons.  Just about everyone who fished Whiskeytown Lake last summer caught at least a few Kokanee if not full limits.  For many, it was the first season they had fished Whiskeytown...
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